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Losing the Freshman 15!

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College is great! Full of fun, excitement and oh…a lot of food. Freshmen usually suffer the “Freshman 15” while living in the dorms because of the buffet style meal plans they get during their freshman year. Also with the excessive study snacking, it’s difficult not to gain weight! Even as a commuter student, I still fell into the trap of overeating foods I probably shouldn’t have. I’m now a senior in college and I lost my freshman 15 plus a little extra! Here are the tricks that helped me lose my freshman 15:

1. Small Goals

By making small realistic goals, you’ll be able to feel like you are making progress. Set yourself up for success rather than failure! Set your goal to lose 3lbs a month for 5 months or 5 lbs a month for 3 months. You’re not going to magically lose 15lbs overnight, so take it slowly.

2. Tracking

Using apps like MyFitnessPal helps your track your progress. The week before I began, I tracked what I ate and it made me realize how much fat/sugar/carbs I was consuming. It helped me to pinpoint where I was overeating and what I needed to change. Don’t change your diet cold turkey, you will set yourself up for failure. Set aside one day of the week to prepare foods for the week. This way you have zero excuses for eating fast food or junk food!

3. Exercise

Not everyone loves to exercise – I am one of those people. Instead of pressuring myself to run a mile right away or bust a move in zumba class, I decided to do simple things to work my way up. I began parking in the furthest spot in the parking lot or took the stairs instead of the elevator. Within weeks, I became more physically fit and began doing 10 minute YouTube exercise videos from Blogilates or PopSugarFitTv. Small changes leads to big results!

4. Document It

Create a blog to document your weight loss. Write what you feel, whether the exercise for the day killed you or if you feel guilty about eating that big fat slice of chocolate cake. Sometimes expressing your feelings for the day is just what you need! Also, you can upload before, during, and after photos. There are tons of fitness inspiration blogs that you can follow and will keep you motivated.

5. Support System

Use your blog, friends, and family to create a support system. Or find yourself a workout buddy who will support you through the ups/downs of losing weight. Surround yourself with positive vibes and you’ll stay motivated!

I have lost roughly 30 pounds so far just by using these steps. It’s the little things that you do that really make an impact. Results will appear when you least expect it! If you have any questions, would like to see my progress or get more tips, then follow me on my tumblr: http://www.DarGetsFit.Tumblr.Com

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