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Our “What’s Your Story?” Winners!

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Congratulations to our “What’s Your Story?” winners! They have each demonstrated tremendous strength in the face of hardship, both personal and financial. For their dedication and perseverance, we and SimpleTuition are proud to award them with Campus Success Packs that will hopefully help them along their path through college.

Grand prize winner

Vishakha Mathur

Top three

Stacy Beaty

Alexis Montgomery

Zach Niemiec


Ambar Gutierrez

Victoria Huerta

Demalia Jackson

Vicky Kierans

Tanja Partington

David Wilson

Thank you to everyone who entered! We were blown away by your submissions and hope for all of your stories to have happy endings.

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What’s Your Story?

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We know you have a story you are just dying to tell. Let’s face it: college isn’t a piece of cake. You might be the first in your family to head to college, or have to pay your way with a full-time job. To get through these four years, we often depend on other people to help us out: best friends, professors, mentors, and personal cheerleaders.

So tell us your story, and here’s what you could win:

We hope that this contest will inspire you to continue pushing through college and being the best student possible. It might be tough, but you can do it!

I can recall many frustrating moments during freshman year tearing my hair out over science classes, or wanting to throw a book out the window because it felt so useless. But then I’d remember how lucky I was to have my parents paying for my entire tuition. I’ll never have to worry about loan debt or making rent, and I should never take their sacrifices for granted.

That’s my story. Now what’s yours? With our newest contest, we want to give you the opportunity to pay tribute to the most important people in your life who have helped you on your path to finishing college. Honor them by telling us your story and how you’ve conquered your obstacles.

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Summer Fun: Friends w/Benefits

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School’s out! The sun’s shining, and the beach is calling. You can’t wait to jump into the waves and get this summer party going, but your monthly budget lingers on your mind. Not to worry, we have you covered! We want you and your friends to kick off summer with a bang, so take a trip to the beach with your friends on us!

We are giving away Visa Gift Cards to you and up to five of your friends. Each week, we will randomly select a fan who will win a $100 gift card, and up to five of their friends will receive $50 gift cards. There’s something for everyone.

So get the adventure started —  Start Now!

Help share the fun of BookRenter by sharing this contest with your friends and classmates. Your friends will thank you after they’ve won their own gift card!
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