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Econ- Really?

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By BookRenter Mike – Why I chose economics.

by _J_D_R_

People always laugh when I tell them I’m an economics major. Really, can you blame them?  The standard comment goes something like, “With today’s recession any study of economics is worthless.” If you ask me the field of economics has changed dramatically over the last couple of years and I consider myself very fortunate to be studying a constantly evolving topic. My love of economics has always been rooted in the fact that economics is the study of scarcity, and that everything is scarce. Food. Water. Hours in the day. Everything. The simple fact that everything is scarce pushes me to live my life in the most efficient manner and to the best of my abilities.

My first economics class, Intro. to Microeconomics, was perhaps the most challenging class I have taken at college. Crazy, but although Intro. to Microeconomics has been the hardest class, it’s also been my favorite. During the second part of the course we studied the ‘romantic marketplace’. Literally, the study of the decision making process people subconsciously undergo when deciding upon a spouse. After two months of learning the basics, finally applying them to the real world in such a unique manner was incredibly eye-opening. I like to tell people that economics is the study of common sense; ironically the most interesting material I have learned in my study of economics has been the result of people not using common sense.

But honestly, you want to know the real reason I loved that first economics class and declared econ? I received the highest grade in the class!

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