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Keep Those Seasonal Pounds Off!

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The colder months are coming, which usually means so do the extra seasonal pounds. Keeping off weight is almost as stressful as that huge calculus test that you have next week. Staying fit can consume a lot of your time and even money! Well, with a year and a half of college life under my belt, I have developed a few healthy tips and strategies to keep anyone fit, while saving some time and money!

The Gym

Gyms can be VERY expensive. Lucky for you though, almost every college has its own work out center that is offered for free to all its students (well, you DO pay for it in tuition costs – so take advantage of this since you’ve already paid for it). Jump on the treadmill with some notes or a book to study at the same time!

The Crock Pot

Not a big cook because you don’t have much time? Well a crock pot has found a solution to both problems! Take one day out of your week or weekend. Prepare and measure out all the ingredients that you’ll need for meals that you want to plan out for the week, label them, and stick them in the fridge.  Stick the ingredients in the crock pot in the morning while you are getting ready for school, let it cook throughout the day, and prepare to come home to a delicious and nutritious meal! Now that is going to save you some time and save your waistline.


This is an obvious step, but you would be surprised at how little you may actually think about this during the day. When you pull into the parking lot for your first class, you probably look for the closest spot so you do not have to walk to far right? Well stop! Pick the spot at the very back of the lot! You will get in an extra few minutes of cardio on your walk to the building! Try to avoid short cuts in your walk to and from class. Take the stairs. There are so many ways to grab a few extra minutes of cardio!

These are some tips to keep you moving and keep your waistline where it belongs!

You’ll thank me later!

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