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4 Ways To Be Productive In-Between Classes

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For those of you who have longer breaks in between your classes, take advantage of them! Don’t simply use them to eat your lunch and sit around waiting for your next class. Below are four ways you can put those breaks to use without even leaving campus:

1. Homework

The very best way to spend time in between your classes is to do your school work. Whether it be reading your textbooks or writing essays, it can be done on campus. This way, when you get home at the end of the day, you can truly unwind and do other things because you won’t have to worry about doing homework.

2. Print

Why waste your own ink and paper at home printing those 15-page research papers when you can do it at school? On your breaks, head to your campus’ computer room and print everything you need. Most colleges offer unlimited free printing for students, but some do charge – so be sure to find out your best option.

3. Professor Office Hours

Most professors spend their office hours waiting for students to come to them for help. Yet students rarely take the opportunity to do so. Even if you’re not struggling in a class, use each break to go to a different professor. Ask them questions about the lecture, the homework, or your overall major. Not only will it help you understand the material more, it will also show your professor that you care about your education and that can have a positive effect on your grade in that class. Bonding with your professor is also a good idea if you ever need a letter of recommendation for grad school.

4. Socialize

Use your breaks to meet new people and network. If there is an on-campus event going on during your break, go to it! College is a lot more fun if you make friends and the breaks go by a lot quicker when you have someone to spend them with.

What do you like to do in-between classes? Tell us below.

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Summer Bucket-List

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There are always summer bucket lists we each create in our minds, believing that if we do at least a couple, we’ll feel that we not only accomplished something, but that our summer wasn’t as pathetic as we thought it was with just classes and/or working. We get ahead of ourselves sometimes, reaching for the stars and listing things that probably won’t happen, no matter how much we want them to (such as skydiving, taking a cross-country road trip, or meeting someone famous while shopping in Hollywood), hoping to go back to college with a cool story to tell. Why not stick to something simple and add something you can actually do fairly easily?

1. Manual Labor

Weeding your jungle of a backyard or helping a family member in the garden can be great exercise while getting the task at hand done. You will feel accomplished climbing into bed that night!

2. Get Lost

Take an ice cold water bottle, turn up your favorite music, and explore areas you’ve never been. The only rule: you can’t use your cell phone to find your way home. You’ll learn to rely on yourself more instead of Google.

3. Talk to a Random Person

While waiting in line for your latte at Starbucks, ask the person next to you what their favorite drink is to get conversation started. A simple conversation can have a great impact on  your overall day! You’ll know you’ve had a successful conversation when you both leave with a smile.

4. Read a Bestseller

I get it, we aren’t all readers. But sooner or later, you will find someone who wants to chat books. Take some time to feed your brain with a book with a good plotline and the next time you’re asked, “Read any good books lately?” you will have an answer.

5. Disconnect

Make a commitment to not checking Facebook, Twitter, email, or your phone. There’s just something about being unreachable that refreshes the mind and makes you eager to take care of things when you do reconnect.

The trick to making the most of your summer is to find things that are easy to do, especially if you’re on a college student budget. Hey, at least you won’t have to say “nothing” when your classmates ask you what you did over the summer!

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