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Top 6 Tips for Preparing for Graduation

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By BookRenter Nicole

by Jason Bache

It’s your last semester of college, and graduation is right around the corner! But before you get a major case of Senioritis, here are a few things to keep in mind before the big day.

  • Schedule a meeting with your advisor to check up on your student record. You should have a chat with him/her to make sure that you’re even eligible to graduate. Some things you should bring up are: Did I meet all of the requirements to graduate? Do I still have outstanding credits? Did I transfer those study abroad credits to my current record? Did my transcripts from the other university transfer successfully?
  • Make sure there aren’t any discrepancies on your degree evaluation. If you notice something funky, make sure to investigate and correct it before it’s too late.
  • Keep in mind that walking and attending the Commencement exercises may be different. If you still have more units to complete, you could technically just be walking in the ceremony, not actually graduating…yet.
  • Double check that you don’t have any outstanding balances with your college/university that would prevent you from receiving your diploma or transcripts. You don’t want to have to go through the whole exciting process only to realize that your diploma can’t be sent to you until you pay off that year you dormed on campus.
  • APPLY FOR GRADUATION. (You’d be surprised at how many students don’t know that you actually have to apply to graduate.) The school’s registrar team basically audits your academic records to ensure that all of the institution’s obligations have been met. For some schools, there may be a separate application for each degree you’re applying for. Whether the application is online at your school’s website, or at the advisor’s office, or even in a folder on the 2nd shelf, in aisle 5 of the campus bookstore — make sure to apply for graduation.
  • Attend your school’s grad events! You can order personalized announcements, class rings, take professional pictures, order your cap and gown, and choose your diploma frame! It’s where you can get all of your fancy grad stuff!

These are just some ideas you may want to keep in mind. But what you really want to do is check your own school’s checklist. Get all of your graduation info together! Besides, once you get this all squared away, you can go back to enjoying Senior year!

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Top 4 Tips Finding Summer Internships

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By BookRenter Eric

How to make your summer a real resume builder!


I know it’s only January but it can never be too early to start planning your summer.  Summer internships offer a unique opportunity for you to gain valuable work experience before you head out to into the job market for real. An internship can give you a leg-up on the competition in the job market post-graduation.  Challenge yourself, reach for the stars, and most importantly go out and impress some people with your hard work!

Here are my tips for finding an internship:

1.   Start with the people you know – Ask your parents, ask your friends, ask your uncle, ask anyone you know if they can help you get in contact with a potential gig.

2.    Visit your school’s career center – The career center is not just for graduates! Don’t be shy, take a visit and see what you might find…

3.     Check your favorite company’s websites – You never know, your dream internship could be waiting for you!  Just make sure you apply early because most likely you won’t be the only one applying.

4.    Know what you’re interested in – No, you’re not deciding on a life-long career, but knowing what industries interest you can help narrow your search.

A Few Online Resources for Summer Internships:
Monster.com College – A good starting place with a lot of available internships and interview tips
College Recruiter.com – Another good starting place with a lot of available internships and interview tips
College Magazine – Awesome site for students which includes a listing of internships and other goodies

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Top 5 Favorite College Drinks

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By BookRenter Briana

Many of you have already settled into college life again for spring semester, which has me reminiscing about my college days and the great college drinks that I’ve enjoyed. Here are some of my favorites. Not including the usual cheap beer (sorry Natty Ice, oh, and you PBR).

by nexthttp

Pink Pantie Droppers – mix your beer pong game up and add this to the table. Trust me your game will get better.

  • Ingredients: beer, pink lemonade, vodka – mix it all together in a big gallon bucket.

Hop, Skip, and Go Naked – a cousin to the pink pantie dropper but includes a hearty mixture of gin. You can even make this “party in a cup” on the cheap.

  • Ingredients: gin, beer, pink lemonade.
  • Helpful hint: buy the cheap stuff – the pink lemonade drowns the taste of the crappy alcohol.

Jungle Juice – The main ingredient here is Everclear, but Jungle Juice can be made many different ways. Especially great for frat parties.

  • Ingredients: Giant cooler, Everclear, orange Juice, Sprite, Kool-Aid, and throw some real fruit in there if you’re feeling saucy.
  • Helpful hint: Don’t pass out at the frat house or you might subjected being used as a canvas.

Four Locos – We all know college students can be lazy. No need to bring your own Red Bull chasers, Four Locos has done it for you. Try it if you can find it, but this popular drink has been banned. Darn you FDA.

  • Ingredients – You don’t want to know.

Mai Tai – TikiMan’s homeland drink of choice.

  • Ingredients: Dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine.

Ok, spill it what’s your drink of choice?

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Top 10 Tips for Getting Along with Your Roommate

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By BookRenter Briana

Photo by moron noodle


We all know that living with roommates can be difficult and challenging at times, especially if you’re living in the same, tiny room. Being able to get along and create a fun living environment can relieve so much stress from school and make your college experience much better. Hopefully these tips can help you out when dealing with the roomies.

  1. Don’t live with your best friends. You may think that this is a great idea at first,  ‘cuz “We’re friends, how can we fight”, well, you will. You already have a relationship with that person. Why not try meeting new people and exploring different relationships? Plus, being around the same person 24/7 will bring new annoyances you never thought you had with your BFF.
  2. Try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes.
  3. Respect your roommates’ space. Don’t touch their things, and please, if your roommates are away it is not smart to lend their bed to your friends who want to pass out after a hard night of drinking. Would you really want someone stanky and gross in your bed? I really don’t think so.
  4. Spend time together – If you rarely see your roommates and actually want to spend time with them, try having dinners together where you can catch up on the things.
  5. Do activities outside of your place. Encourage them to get involved with activities so they get out of the house. Space is crucial when you live with roommates. Encourage not only them but yourself to explore different campus activities so everyone can have some alone time in the living room.
  6. Communicate! Trust me if something bothers you, tell them, because there is nothing like one huge emotional blow up where you tell them all their faults at once. Space it out – if not your roommate will feel attacked.
  7. If you’re throwing a party – make sure you consult with all roommates, and make sure you include them. Even though you might not want to party with them it will make them less irritated and make the house atmosphere a lot better to live in. And hey, there is nothing like taking funny pictures of them so you can laugh at them when you move out.
  8. Be organized – create some sort of ground rules for bills and groceries or house cleaning. It’ll avoid confusion and keep people in the know.
  9. If all else fails, try the best to co-exist. Don’t play pranks and move all your roommates’ clothes around, or mess with their valuables. It’s just not smart because it will cause more problems for all of you. Just focus on your when your lease is up and finding new roommates.
  10. Save Money – Money can be tight, instead of borrowing from your roommate, you can rent textbooks from us. It can save you a bundle (wink, wink).
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Mike’s Top 3 Tips for Acing Exams

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By BookRenter Mike

In sports, it’s called the stretch run. That time of the year when the season is winding down, and the end is in sight. Yet even though the end is near, there is much work to be done to make the playoffs, win a championship, and say it’s been a successful year. As I endure the cold, harsh days of winter in Virginia, I have come to understand that as a student this is my stretch run. For me exams are not right around the corner, they are here. I’ve been to all my classes, I’ve gone to as many office hours as I can, and therefore the time for cramming is now! Hence, here are my top 3 tips for acing exams and feeling good during finals week.

by brianc

1. Make an Exam Schedule with the date and time of all of your exams/papers

This seems so easy to do in your head, but few people actually write down their exam times on a calendar or a piece of paper. It’s one thing to know when your exams will take place, but mapping out your schedule will improve your time management and help you find out when you should be resting versus studying. Highlight your hardest anticipated exam in order to make sure you have ample time to study because you don’t want to be caught flatfooted studying for two exams in one night when you’ve been resting the previous couple of days.

2. Break down a difficult exam into themes and important overarching topics

If by no fault of your own you find yourself stuck with only one night to study for an exam, I guarantee that you can still do very well on the exam. Often times, students will get overwhelmed if the subject matter seems complicated or if there is a lot of study material. Breaking down the subject matter into themes will help you understand the course better and help you hone in on what you do and don’t understand. Some professors may give you a study guide to help you identify these themes, but more often than not you’re on your own. Don’t worry though; important themes become clearer and clearer the more you immerse yourself in the subject matter.

3.     Rely on friends and classmates to motivate and push you to succeed

During finals week, students have a tendency to hole up and lock out the outside world until all of their finals are over. This is a terrible idea for many reasons, the #1 being that the absolute worst thing to do during finals is to change up your established routine. Final exams may count for more, but at the end of the day they are still just tests. Study in groups or pairs because often times teaching others or learning from peers will boost your understanding of the subject material. Plus, everyone tends to stress out during finals week and it always helps to have somebody nearby to keep you focused and on task. They may even have better notes than you!

They call it the stretch run because players and coaches have to stretch themselves to the limit in order to succeed. So get ready, it’s the educational stretch run, and it’s time to really push yourself. Have any good tips or advice on crushing exams? Feel free to share in the comments section below!

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