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Strategy for Scheduling

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Now that I’m working 30 hours a week, married, and going to school, I’ve had a lot of trouble keeping up with everything. I’ve let the apartment become a chaotic mess, the laundry pile up, and I haven’t done something for myself in I don’t know how long. Life as a college student can get quite hectic! I’ve been trying to figure out how I can stop this cycle that keeps repeating every week. As much as sometimes schedules don’t work out the way you want them to, structure could be the key to success. In the past few weeks, I have mapped out certain days for me to get things done.

Scheduling Steps

1. Weekly Schedule

I took a huge white erase board and put it in my closet (which I know I’ll look at every day.) I have Monday-Sunday written out with enough space for me to add stuff below the days.

2. Work and Class Hours

After making the basic outline, I fill in my work and class hours for the week. Now I can fill in the other stuff that I need to get done

3. Homework

Then I write in everything I need to get done for school (including every detail, no matter how small). Designating a time for homework will make it easier for me to sit down and actually do it.

4. Chores

When school is on the board, then it’s time to add housework, oil changes, trips to the bank, etc. (All of the stuff you really need to get done and keep forgetting or putting off.)

5. Fun

Finally, after your beautifully structured week is almost complete, add something you can do that is just for yourself. (Massage, nails done, workout, etc.)

As stated before, this approach isn’t for everyone, but it’s been working for me. With structure, I don’t allow myself to feel overwhelmed by all of the things I need to do, because I know there is a time I can do it! Don’t be discouraged if life gets in the way and throws your schedule off, because it will happen. Just take a deep breath, adjust your schedule, and keep smiling!

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Quarters vs. Semesters – Which is Your Preference?

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By BookRenter Digital Intern, Joyce Du

It’s the end of August and most of my home friends’s Facebook statuses say something along the line of “Back at school,” “Senior year, here I come…” On the polar end of the spectrum, my statuses say “A few more weeks to go, what am I going to do?”

This is the greatness of going to a school on a quarter system. Unlike my friends in the semester system, my school year is broken down into three quarters, each ten weeks long, followed by a much-deserved break.

There are perks, as well as pitfalls with the quarter system, in my opinion – and here are some of them:


  • I get to learn more! (My internal nerd speaking here)
  • Summer vacation always feels longer
  • Falls and springs are lengthier
  • Only taking 3-4 classes/quarter
  • Classes are not drawn out over a four-month period


  • All my friends leave in the middle of August
  • Winter is sometimes “too” long
  • More midterms and finals
  • My vacations don’t align with friends that go to semester-system schools

So do the perks outweigh the pitfalls? I don’t really know. All I know is I’m going into my senior year, and countdown for graduations starts in just a little over a month.

What are your thoughts? Which would you prefer?

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Mike’s Top 3 Time Management Tips For Writing Papers

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Written by BookRenter Mike

“You have a tendency to overstate things.” Those are the words my Professor wrote to explain why he decided to give me a B on my paper. Why did I tend to do this you ask? The politically correct answer would be that I was trying to emphasize my point. But the real reason? Yep, I wrote my paper the night before it was due and was probably repeating myself in order to make sure I wrote enough pages. Sound familiar? Everybody does it, we all procrastinate and hate ourselves for it, but the cycle never seems to stop. In my opinion it’s about time to wise up, so here are my top 3 tips for practicing good time management when writing papers.

by English106

by English106

1. Write out an Academic Calendar with the due date of every upcoming assignment.

Although this may seem like a time waster, especially if you wait until the end of the semester, it will help keep you incredibly organized and focused. According to Kelci Lynn, “Write down everything in one place. The crazier your schedule gets, the more important this becomes.” Seems like great advice to me – I probably won’t wait to the last minute to write my next paper if I know I have a huge test the next day as well.

2. When writing your essay, make sure to keep track of time to ensure efficiency.

My roommate spent about 8 hours at the library last night and came back only to say, “I got nothing done; I’m never taking my computer again.” Often times we think we are being productive only to realize we just spent the last 30 minutes checking our e-mail. To fix this Michael Stelzner provides a great article about time management that includes a PDF spreadsheet designed to help keep track of your time. I guarantee you won’t be wasting your time filling a time tracker chart out.

3. When you say you are going to write your paper early, actually start it!

Mental toughness in the classroom is often talked about but never really focused on. Naturally it’s assumed that college students have strong self-discipline. But don’t worry; it’s OK if you have a hard time following through on your essay goals – just check out Mahanthi Bukkapaptnam’s article about developing self-discipline. His main piece of advice? Self-discipline should be built around positive thoughts (I could get an A on this essay if I start early) instead of negative thoughts (I better start soon or I won’t finish at all).

Bottom line: it’s OK to procrastinate a little bit as long as you do so efficiently. Just make sure you leave time for some sleep before finishing up that last concluding sentence.

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