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Things To Be Thankful For

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It’s that time of year again where the walk to class in the morning is getting colder, the sun is setting around 4:30pm, and finals are coming. For those of us who live in areas that get snow, the winter can be pretty miserable. It can be easy to forget how great one’s life is when you’re trudging through about 4 feet of snow to make it to that 9 am class. However, with winter comes holidays, and with holidays comes a nice dinner and family. The holidays, especially Thanksgiving, are a time to remember all the things we have to be grateful for.

1. College

Believe it or not, college is a privilege. Those who do not have the means to go are put at a huge disadvantage. That doesn’t mean it is impossible to succeed without a degree. Some people have great success without going to college, but they achieve this through extraordinary perseverance and dedication. College certainly lends a hand to finding a career. It is an experience of some of the most important things you can learn, lessons about yourself. There is arguably no better place than college to meet new people, try new things, and figure out who you are, and what you believe. It is an incredible experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

2. Family

Family can mean a lot of different things depending on each person’s point of view. To me, family means more than just the people you are related to. Family is also the people you can rely on no matter what. Family is defined by love, trust, and making the most of your time together. As we grow up and start to form our own lives, tend to see less and less of our family. They are easy to take for granted sometimes. But they are people to be grateful for because they’ve had your back since day one and will continue to be there when you need them.

3. Thanksgiving

Sure, we were lied to in school about the true nature of the first Thanksgiving. Realistically it probably wasn’t anything like the holiday we celebrate today, but the now it allows people to take a break from their daily life and spend the whole day with family and friends, watch football and the Macy’s Day Parade, play games, and eat arguably the biggest and tastiest feast you will eat all year.

Keep in mind how lucky you are this holiday season. What are you thankful for?

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Preparing For The Stuffing

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We all know Thanksgiving is infamous for making us feel sluggish and bloated. We may even incidentally gain a few pounds from holiday meals and then feel guilty for eating all of that wonderfully delicious food. For the past couple of years, I discovered a way to make my Thanksgiving meals more enjoyable by preparing for a giant feast. About two weeks prior, I have done a small “almost diet” to balance out the weight gain. I want to share the four steps I take to prepare my body before I hit that huge bowl of stuffing!

1. No Soda

UGH, I know, this isn’t easy. Soda has become a dominant drink for our consumption, especially for college students. I’m a huge diet coke drinker, and even though it is diet, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a ton of sugar. I cut it out completely and stuck to sparkling water. I always lose a few pounds just from that alone!

2. No Fast Food

Again, as a college student, fast food is sometimes the answer to all my problems, but a few weeks before turkey day, I lay off. Even if you get a prepared salad, it will have twice as many calories as if you were to prepare it yourself at home.

3. Drink Water

I’m a pretty decent water drinker on a regular basis, but during this season I quick it up a notch. I drink about 8 bottles a day, and I add lemon because it is an amazing natural detox.

4. Add Some Exercise

I go up and down through phases of exercise, and definitely around midterms I hit a lull. So, for the few weeks before the holidays I make sure that I at least walk 1 mile, do 50 pushups, sit-ups, and a plank every day. It really doesn’t take that long at all, and it’s amazing how great your body feels just from that small amount of exercise!

I encourage you to tweek this list and make it your own, but I promise it will make your Thanksgiving meal (and the following upcoming holiday meals) that much more enjoyable knowing that you are aware of your body’s limits and that you are taking care of it!

Just remember that it is normal for everyone to add a couple of pounds during the colder season, especially when big heavy meals

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A College Campus Thanksgiving

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Not everyone has the opportunity (or may want) to go home this Thanksgiving break. This doesn’t mean you don’t get to celebrate Thanksgiving! If for no other reason, at least celebrate the time off from classes! If this is your first time away from home for Thanksgiving, or you just need some celebration ideas, check out these ideas that are budget-friendly:

1. Potluck Dinner with Roommates

Plan a dinner with your friends who are also staying on campus and make it a potluck! The great thing about this is that you and your friends can have a grand feast like you would have had at home, without dishing out tons of money! It will also be fun to all split up the work and each bring a special dish to the table.

2. Intimate Dinner for Two (or One)

If you aren’t going home for because you want to be alone (or with a certain someone), cook a small dinner that still contains all your Thanksgiving favorites. Instead of cooking an entire turkey, buy a turkey leg or a turkey breast at the supermarket and bake that. Instead of baking a whole pot of sweet potatoes, only buy one or two and make those. You get the idea! Simply cut down all the recipes so that you can have a great Thanksgiving dinner but on a much smaller scale.

If you only have your dorm room microwave to work with, no problem! Check out this article on how to cook an entire feast using just your microwave.

3. Parades

If you don’t necessarily want to celebrate with food, celebrate with a parade! No matter where your school is, there is probably some sort of Thanksgiving parade or other Thanksgiving festivities going on in the area! All you have to do is ask around. Grab a bunch of friends and celebrate together.

4. Skype with Family & Friends

If you have family or friends that are back home or friends who decided to go home for the holiday, ask them to get together and Skype with you before or after their Thanksgiving dinners. Seeing everyone won’t make you miss home as much and will probably make it feel more like a Holiday. Friends and family is really what it is all about anyway.

So if you don’t get the chance to go home, or choose not to, don’t fret. Any one of these celebration ideas can make your Thanksgiving on campus a little bit more special without emptying your wallet.

Do you have any ideas of how to celebrate Thanksgiving college-style? Tell us in a comment below!

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Not going home for Thanksgiving? Not a problem. I’ve been through this several times over the years, so I’m going to share a few things I’ve done to make sure that my holiday was still great! Nothing can make you stop missing your family, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re not just sitting on the couch watching TV all day stuck at school!

1. Invite Friends For Dinner

I did this a few years ago, and it turned out to be one of my favorite Thanksgiving’s! At this point in my life, I had NO idea how to cook a turkey so, I bought an already cooked turkey! Who cares where it comes from? I know that I didn’t have to have a turkey at all, but I wanted to keep with the tradition. It was delicious and my friends really appreciated it! We had so much fun sharing stories about past holidays with our crazy families, and we all enjoyed the time we got to spend together.

2. Volunteer

Last year, I decided to find a shelter that was serving dinner to the homeless! I figured, if I couldn’t be served turkey, then I’ll serve it to someone else! It was probably the most rewarding time I’ve ever spent. It really put into perspective the essence of THANKSgiving. Not only was I spending time with amazing people, I was doing my part for my new community. Sometimes all it takes is little reminders to turn your attitude around, and volunteering can definitely do that!

3. Find A Walk/Run

There are ALWAYS charity runs or walks going on Thanksgiving day, I promise. I’ve never done one before, but I’ve heard about them in every city I’ve lived in. This year will be my first, and yes, I am totally dressing up like a turkey. You get to meet people, have fun, exercise AND you can be silly like me and dress up! I can’t wait!

It’s always a bummer when you can go home to see your family for the holidays, but you can’t let that keep you in bed! Get out and celebrate the holiday for what it truly means. Be thankful for who you are, and where you are. Who knows, you could end up having the best Thanksgiving of your life!

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Trading Textbooks for Turkey: 6 Thanksgiving Feast Foods That Make College Kids Drool

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Ahhhh, Thanksgiving… a break from school, quality time with the fam, catching up with high school pals… bliss!

But we know the real reason you’re excited to go home for Thanksgiving break.

It’s the same reason we’re excited.

The food. The glorious Thanksgiving food.

That mouth-watering, rib-sticking, reason-you-wore-sweatpants-to-the-dinner-table, straight from grandma’s recipe book, “OMG that’s soooooooo gooooooood” home-cooked awesomeness you fantasize about every night in your room, while another cheap “dinner” rotates solemnly in the microwave… tonight a Cup-A-Noodle, or maybe a Hot Pocket, or a bag of popcorn (no judgment).

Whatever it is, it tastes like cardboard and disappointment compared to the Thanksgiving table-scape of your dreams, brimming with all those favorite festive dishes– glistening casseroles, baskets upon baskets of flaky, buttery biscuits, heaps of savory stuffing, colossal mountains of mashed potatoes, a pristine pumpkin pie worthy of a Vogue photo shoot, all piping hot, right out of the oven…


Sorry. Had to wipe the drool off the keyboard.

So, yeah. Thanksgiving food. Pretty much the best food ever.

And seeing as Thanksgiving is just around the corner, we could think of no better way to… whet our… appetites… than by collectively drooling fawning over our absolute favorite Thanksgiving foods.

We tapped into the power of our BookRenter Facebook community to get some sweet inspiration with a poll that covered the basics—as well as a wild card “fill in the blank with your fav” option.

Together, the results create the ultimate list of gut-busting guilty pleasures you can chew on this until Thursday afternoon.

Loosen your belt buckle. Here we go.

The Poll:

The Results (Presented in Pumpkin Pie-Chart form)

The Breakdown

  1. Pumpkin Pie. This darling of the Thanksgiving table swept the poll with an impressive 14% stake of our stomachs hearts.
  2. Stuffing. Naturally, a food that totally makes good on its namesake came in second with 13% of votes.
  3. Turkey. Arguably the centerpiece of many a Thanksgiving food scene, this bird took third with 10%.
  4. Mashed potatoes. In all their starchy glory! These taters came in fourth with 7%.
  5. Veggies. Often the unsung hero at the Thanksgiving table (no, potatoes don’t count as “vegetable…) claimed 6% of votes!
  6. Biscuits. We were sort of surprised to learn that these billowy puffs of splendor only pulled at the heartstrings taste buds of 1% of voters!

Not surprisingly, however, that wild card “other” option stole 50% of the show! Obviously, our Facebook friends have delightfully imaginative stomachs.

  • It’s all gravy, baby! Well, it was for 8% of our voters. Whether it’s smothered on side dishes, in its own little bowl to drink like soup or in an IV drip attached to our veins, we loves gravy.
  • Crazy for cranberries! In sauce or slice form, this vibrant, tangy, refreshing addition to the Thanksgiving food family is beloved by at least 7% of voters.

  • All together now! 6% of voters refused to make up their mind and claimed all Thanksgiving foods to be their favorite. And we absolutely love them for that.
  • Candied Yams. These guys nabbed a sweet 4% of votes.
  • Pies, in all their generic and fabulous form. They cut a 4% slice of votes.
  • Sweet potatoes au natural! Orange cousin to the regular ole’ tater nabbed up 4% while sweet potatoes with marshmallows got 3%.
  • Green bean casserole. (I’ve had green bean casserole… it in no way belongs with the “veggies” group.) This dish ate up 3%.
  • Ham. (HAM? I thought it was Turkey Day!) Ham earned a 3% cut.

And last but not least, our 1% stakeholders:

  • Bananas and Jello
  • Chitterlings (pig intestines!)
  • Pancit (a Filipino noodle dish)
  • Strawberry Parfait
  • Sweet Meatballs
  • Egg Nog

There you have it, folks! The top Thanksgiving food items that made the book – the ones that make you, me, and that guy over there drool uncontrollably—whether we’re sitting in our room daydreaming about them, or piling them high on our plate, ready to chow down in t-minus 3, 2, 1…

Still hungry for more Thanksgiving food fun? Check out these other awesome posts to satisfy your craving…

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