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How to Write the Perfect Thank You Card

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By guest blogger Kelsey Bradshaw
Kelsey is a sophomore at the University of Oregon majoring in Journalism and Facebook (wait, that’s not a real major?!). Originally a track star from Medford, Oregon, she now enjoys going for runs with her friends and working out at Eugene Crossfit. She also enjoys visiting National Parks, playing in the snow, and hanging out at the beach…double points if they’re all at the same time.

Thank you cards are something I always plan on doing really extravagantly in my head (I’m going to write them on Christmas! As I unwrap! And when the recipients open them, confetti and a miniature poodle will jump out!)…but procrastinate until it’s next Christmas and I still haven’t sent a single thank you note.

Photo by Roger Carr

Getting started is the hardest part, but once you sit down and do them they’re not as hard as previously imagined. Start with a basic thank you for their gift.

Dear Aunt Sally,

Thank you so much for the stripper pole!

If the gift was money, don’t write “money,” but rather a phrase such as “Thank you for your generosity” or “Your kindness will be much appreciated.”

Now, describe why their present was amazing. Tell them how and why you will use it in everyday life. If you don’t like it, don’t exaggerate or ignore it–instead, find something basic you like about it, like the color. Try to find a way to compliment the person while doing this.

…I just heard about a fitness class that uses these poles for exercise! You’re always so on top of the trends, Aunt Sal. I really like the way the pole shines in the light.

If you were given money, explain what the money will go to or how it will help you. No matter how much it was for, make it sound like it was an extravagant gift that could make all of your wildest dreams come true.

Your generosity will help buy me that lava lamp I’ve had my eye on for a while!

Now that you have sufficiently thanked your relative, write a line about how it was great seeing them at a specific time or how you can’t wait to see them again. If it’s not someone you are close with, use a line like “I hope you’re doing well” or “I hear you got rid of your little problem! Congrats“; and with both parties, thank them one last time before you sign your name.

…It was so nice seeing you at the reunion in May! I hear you’re still making your peanut brittle, hope you don’t glue too many jaws shut maybe you can send me the recipe! I can’t wait to see you again in March for Spring Break.

Thank you again for the stripper pole and gift card!

See, that wasn’t that hard, now was it? Let’s review:

1. Name

2. Thank you for….

3. I’ll use it when….

4. Personal reference

5. Thanks again!

6. Name

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find some miniature poodles.

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BookRenter Fans Don’t Believe in New Year’s Resolutions *Gasp*

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According to a quick poll on Facebook, 77% of BookRenter Fans voted “Nay” for New Year’s Resolutions; instead, they said they believe in setting goals and exceeding everyone’s expectations, including their own.

Sounds pretty sugary sweet, we know. But here at BR, we are incredibly proud of all that our fans have achieved. When asked his best accomplishment in 2011, Eric Mason replied, “Graduation, Regent Scholar, Commencement Speaker, and job offer immediately after graduation (all for my mom to see before she passed away).”  Wow.

Some of our fans took years to finally get back to school. Lisa Boice returned to school after an 18 year break and rocked her first semester with straight A’s. Now she’s heading off to the Peace Corps to make the world an even better place than it is just having her in it. Andrea Edwards’ honesty really knocked our socks off. She would say her biggest accomplishment was “getting into college but really it was working up enough courage to even apply.”

Not only do BR fans set high, realistically achievable goals, they dream pretty big too. Top responses to the prompt “What would you do if you couldn’t fail?”:

#1 – Cure cancer/diseases – Betty Jo Petty, Darline Albarado Gonzalez, Lashon Daniels-Gray, Shawn Callahan, Erin Marie Thornley

#2 – Fly – Amelia Nathaly Aviña, Adam Ellis, Dulce Torres, Jude Osezua Ekpen (a jet, but pretty much the same, right?)

#3 – What wouldn’t I do? – Monika Sampson, Shannon Hulett, Nia Murrell

All right, to get to the point already (yeah we can read your mind): We respect and admire all of the smart, savvy, budget-conscious students who rent textbooks from us, and we feel lucky to be even a small part of helping each of you achieve the impressive, noble goals you set and ultimately surpass. We wanted to start off the New Year by saying a giant “THANK YOU” for renting from us and we hope to take a page from you guys and surpass our own goals in 2012.

Oh yeah, one last thing! For all of you procrastinators, the Semester Guarantee program lasts through TODAY, so get going and rent your textbooks now!

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