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Back to School Free Textbooks Sweepstakes!

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If you haven’t already heard, BookRenter launched a pretty awesome sweepstakes. 10 people will win free textbooks for a year (up to a $1,000 value). Yes. FREE. TEXTBOOKS.

Just for entering, you get a $5 off rentals coupon to use before you head back to school in a few weeks. Yes. $5 JUST FOR ENTERING.

free textbooks

And on a weekly basis, expect the chance to win other free stuff in the form of gift cards – two winners per week will get $50 worth, to be exact. And on top of that, two weekly winners will receive deep discounted coupons to use for your textbook rentals on BookRenter.com.

So it’s really a win-win situation for you. So enter now by visiting our Free Textbooks Sweepstakes app on Facebook, and the rest is history. And psychology. And economics. And we’ll stop naming books now, but seriously, you should enter and save yourself some dough.

And, it’s always good to read the Terms and Conditions of the contest, located on the app. 


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Grand Prize BookRenter Digital Media Intern Angelina!

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Angelina Bossone: Senior, Communication Business Major at The University of New Hampshire. Office Assistant at Crimes Against Children Research Center. BookRenter Digital Media Intern. Enjoys warm sunny days and listening to music. Hopes to pursue a career in advertising / business.

Hello! I’m Angelina Bossone, BookRenter’s Digital Media Intern. I am a senior at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Go Wildcats! I am studying Communication Business and dream of one day working in The Big Apple at an advertising firm.

As soon as I saw BookRenter’s advertisement for their Summer Digital Media Internship on their Facebook page, I did not hesitate to apply! I didn’t think I would get it seeing as I entered into the competition several days after it had started and I was behind other contestants in the most votes. I didn’t let that stop me – I knew I wanted this position since I had already fallen in love with BookRenter as a customer for two years, and knew that I could promote them with true sincerity. Thanks to family and friends (and obnoxious posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Groupbox) I was able to receive the top votes! In addition, I made a promotional video in hopes that it would give me a competitive edge.

The days passed as I anxiously awaited a response from BookRenter. When I found out I won the grand prize internship, I jumped and screamed and couldn’t believe it! I am so grateful to have won – and I appreciate everyone’s help with their daily votes (and I thank BookRenter for picking me)!

Two weeks into the internship, I have already learned new skills with publishing, monitoring, promoting, and social networking. I truly enjoy promoting BookRenter. This has already been a wonderful experience and will also give me extra cash for this upcoming year with a biweekly paycheck AND a $500 credit to my BookRenter account for textbooks! I couldn’t be any more grateful. College expenses get more expensive each year and since I discovered BookRenter two years ago, I have saved at least $1,000 in books! That ALONE got me to love BookRenter and now with this opportunity, I love them a million times more.

I’ll be posting videos based on my experiences once a week – and in my latest video I show how I’ve used the money I saved from BookRenter.

How would you #DreamBig and spend your BookRenter savings?

Thank you BookRenter!

Follow me: Twitter / Pinterest

BookRenter Digital Intern,

Angelina Bossone


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BookRenter Beginnings – Meet Social Community Manager Allison

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Allison GergleyHey there BookRenters – my name is Allison, and I’m the newest addition to the marketing team at BookRenter. I’m your Social Community Manager – which basically means I get to find hilarious, helpful, exciting and oftentimes, bizarre internet phenomenons, photos, memes, videos and tips you’ll want to be keeping up on in your college life and beyond (although I won’t be keeping up with the Kardashians for you. Just putting that out there.) Along with some talented digital college interns from across the U.S., we’ll be writing about social trends that are relevant to YOU – whether it’s a video that one-ups the Honey Badger (I don’t know if this is possible), or the best cheap burger places to eat around campus after French class (oui, s’il vous plait). If I could’ve eaten my way to a college degree, I would have.

A little background about me: I’m a bi-coaster, hailing from the east coast and currently living on the west coast. I grew up in the gorgeous Hudson Valley of downstate New York (right outside NYC), and studied at Boston University, so I’m all about the city life through and through.  If you’re a city campus dweller like I was, or spend your time on a fab campus that’s more rural, I want you to dish about your best tips too, so you can save mucho dinero for a fantastic #YOLO experience this summer.

This is where BookRenter comes in. Throughout the year, we’re relentlessly working to get you the best deals on your price-soaring textbooks with our flexible book rental periods, and free return shipping on all books. We even throw you some cash towards your next rental if you’re finished with books early – so you won’t see your money disappear into thin air at your campus bookstore buy back at the end of the semester.

So dive in with me and the BookRenter team – we’re pretty excited to have you. We’ll be sharing a ton of great info to come, and feel free to share your experiences with us too. Now let’s go get some cheeseburgers.

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5 Tips for a Budding Entrepreneur

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By VP of Business Development and Founder Colin Barceloux
Colin has a BS in Management Information Systems and a Minor in Information Technology from Santa Clara University where he graduated with Honors in 2003. Colin resides in San Francisco and is an avid snowboarder, basketball enthusiast, mountain biker, and golfer.

Silicon Valley is a hotbed for startups. Our own founder, Colin Barceloux, was a college student when he came up with the idea for BookRenter. More and more venture capital is becoming available to small, scrappy startups that have nothing more than a couple of engineers and an idea. But whether you have the next big idea or are learning the ropes at an established business, here are some really helpful tools straight from Colin on how to get ahead.  Just for the record, Colin has number 4 nailed.

Hi BookRenters,

I used these to help found and grow BookRenter.com and if applied correctly you can use them as well to scale your business today and tomorrow…

1. Stay Focused

Remember Occam’s razor?  It’s a philosophy that says “the simplest answer is most likely the correct one.”  When looking at your business, apply Occam’s razor to decisions.  If something is truly tactical, delegate it. If it’s not a differentiator, outsource or partner to get it. At BookRenter, we outsourced all of our fulfillment, warehousing and book logistics.  There are companies with a tremendous amount of experience there. We aren’t going to win on logistics, but outsourcing it allows us to focus more intently on what is going to make us win.

2. Stop Thinking and Start Doing

Don’t get caught up in writing the perfect business plan.  It is impossible to plan every scenario you will face and it is more important to start executing and learning as you scale.  Most startups these days are launched on a PowerPoint Deck with high-level strategies and plans.  For more on writing these modern day plans read this.

One of the biggest advantage startups have are their ability to disrupt markets and shift as market conditions change or new business opportunities arise.  Often new markets change rapidly and you want to be positioned to take advantage of the change. Staying nimble will be one of your greatest advantages.

BookRenter.com founder, Colin Barceloux (Left) with engineers, Chris Williams (Center) and Philippe Huibonhoa

3. Make Sure To Balance

Take time off from work; yes, don’t be afraid to vacation.  It helps you think and stay creative.  Think about ways you can work smarter and not simply harder or longer hours.  Just because you are working doesn’t mean you’re winning. Step back and constantly evaluate if you are executing on the right things for your business.  Stop and think, “Does this really matter to my company winning?”

As you scale up, make sure to stay engaged with your business from a day-to-day perspective, but also find time for yourself to unwind.  Pick an activity, hobby, or passion that lets you have time for yourself.  It will improve your attitude and energy.  The founder of Kinkos Paul Orfalea has a saying that goes, “Stay on top of your business, not in it!”  This means you need to make sure you are not so caught up in the details of your day-to-day operations. If this happens, you lose track of strategic opportunities and overall market conditions that will have large impacts on your company.  For more you can read this book.

4. Be Irrationally Optimistic

Every successful startup needs one person that believes in the company no matter what happens and that person is usually the founder.  Founders always drive the business and are its soul.  Other team members will look at the founder and founding team when times get tough or the company is faced with adversity.

Also, make sure to invest some of your own money in your business.  It will show confidence to other investors in later rounds.  It will also help you make smarter decisions since your own money is at play.

As you scale up your business always choose success over control.  Starting a company is all about your business and NOT you.  Ego will kill your company and is one of the fastest causes for a business to struggle.  As you frame decisions, always ask the question, “What’s the best outcome for my company’s success?”

5. Don’t Forget The Passion

Have fun with your coworkers.  Remember you’re not working for “The Man” for a reason.  Have frequent company outings and get togethers.  Set milestones for your company and recognize your wins and successes with team celebrations.  Everyone works to make money but just as important, employees want to feel appreciated.

From the very beginning, get close to your customer and make sure to use your service or product frequently.  It will help improve your process and identify problems early on.  Don’t forget to continually do this as you grow.  And always take pride in your company and tell everyone you can, after all, you never know whom you will sit next to on a plane!

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Back to School Checklist

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Cute curtains, sharpened pencils, and a snazzy backpack: cross your X’s and O’s!

by Guest Blogger Kelsey Bradshaw

I’m currently in a state of shock about going back to school. It’s the end of August already? Didn’t summer just start like…yesterday?!

Although I shall dearly miss my tan and my parents’ cooking, I can‘t wait to go back to school shopping. I just love buying lots of empty white notebooks, fresh pens, and let’s not forget – as many clothes as my paycheck will allow.

Clothes are the fun stuff, but you will also need the basics to get you through the term. Here are some important items to help you have a great year!

1. Furnishings. Cute sheets, matching curtains,  a rug, and kitchenware: the list goes on and on.  (Editor’s Note: You might want to invest in a nice lamp.)

by EvelynGiggles

2. A planner. Was that theology paper due on Tuesday? Is the toga party this Friday? Having a place to organize assignments and social activities is vital, or you might be show up to Theology class in a toga. No thanks.

3. School supplies. There’s nothing like heading off to class on the first day with a book bag filled with pencils (before everyone around you “borrows” yours) and fresh white sheets of notebook paper just waiting to be filled up with knowledge and doodles.

4. Books. Going to the bookstore and watching my bank account dwindle as I buy hundred-dollar textbooks that I’ll read once has always been an expensive part of my checklist. Luckily, now that I’ve discovered BookRenter, I can spend way less money for the same textbooks by renting them instead!

5. Backpack…or something to carry your textbooks and laptop in to class. Serena discovered some of the coolest backpacks out there this fall, so you have no excuse to forget your books at home.

6. A Back to School mindset. Remember that you’re actually going to school to learn, and get ready to do some studying. Check out Tiana’s tips for getting into a school state of mind. Also, prepare yourself for frat boys, ex-boyfriends, and loads of homework. On the bright side, you can look forward to being reunited with your besties, actually taking an interesting class or two, and just college in general. Best four years of our lives, anyone?

We value the diverse voices and fresh ideas that our guest bloggers bring to BookRenter.com. However, the ideas and opinions expressed in guest posts are strictly those of the post’s author and don’t necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of BookRenter.Com. The information in guest posts is often drawn from a variety of sources, and we count on our guest authors to verify and fact-check the content they post. BookRenter.Com makes no claims, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of guest post content or the suitability of the content for a specific purpose.

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