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Staying Academically & Professionally Oriented During Summer

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Summer is notorious for college students to “take a break” from school, chill out a little, and relax after having relatively high stress levels. But, sometimes we can get a little too laid back, not realizing that even though it’s summer, we still have homework. Yes, homework during the summer – and I’m not talking about summer school (but that does count too!). No matter if you’re a senior, freshman, junior, sophomore, or recently graduated – it’s crucial to always be focusing on the future of your academics and career, even when you are in need of a serious life-pause.

If you need a little inspiration on ways you can continue to work towards your life goals, here are some ideas:

1. Create A Vision Board

This is a strategy a lot of people in well-known positions use, including celebrities. Get a bulletin board and pin to it all the places you want to be able to go, all the things you would like to do, and pictures of what you want your life to look like. Every time you see it, you’ll feel that little spritz of motivation to keep focused and stay strong. It’s a good reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Find A Support Group

Since you’re on Twitter and Facebook most of the time anyway, put that time to good use and find social groups and accounts to follow that support 20-somethings trying to find their way. Type in a few keywords, such as “college,” “postgrad,” “motivation,” and you’re on your way. Not hooked into social media? Type those same words into Google to bring up a variety of local support group you can join for meetings. You can share your struggles and successes with each other, share resources, and network.

3. Make A List

Create a list of all the things you have accomplished thus far. It’s super easy to get stuck in that rut of negative thinking by focusing on all the things you have to do, things you haven’t done, and things you should have done by [insert age here]. Change this around and make a list once a week of things you’ve accomplished, no matter how small. Tried a new meal at a restaurant? Add it to the list. The little accomplishments will measure how well you’re progressing. In addition, whenever you catch yourself in the rut of that negative thinking, stop yourself and replace it with a hopeful, optimistic thought.

4. Work On A Portfolio

Depending on your major, a portfolio is a crucial piece to have on hand for interviews, or for handing over to a career advisor at your university. A second pair of eyes never hurts, and if you already have one going, add to it, update it, and keep it fresh. Taking a look at it periodically is another great reminder of what it is you’re working toward.

5. Interview Someone With Your Dream Job

Is there someone in particular you strive to be like? Reach out to interview them, find out how they got where they are, and draw your inspiration from your new muse. Can’t get there contact information? Look for someone who has a position similar. Make sure when you ask them about their job, you find out how they stayed motivated. It never hurts to gain new ideas.

Do you have any secrets for staying driven? Share them with us!

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Studying Secrets

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Studying isn’t anyone’s favorite part of college. It is tedious, boring, and the material can be lengthy and overwhelming. Especially at this point in the semester, it can be intimidating to suddenly see all you have learned and now having to remember it all at once for a test. It seems everything comes down to studying. That kind of pressure can make students nervous, but don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to make studying less boring and to help you focus.

1. Candy

We’ve all seen the pictures of using gummy bears to mark each paragraph of text read. Finish a paragraph, eat a gummy bear. Use whatever candy you want – you may just find yourself reading faster! But do not eat that candy until you have reached the check point!

2. Race Yourself

Are you competitive? Ask yourself how fast you can finish studying a certain part of the material, set a timer, and race to beat your time. This will help you break you studying into chunks instead of feeling overwhelmed by the big picture and this will also help you manage your time. Do remember that it is still important to cover all the material you need to though.

3. Location

Often times we choose to study in places that will most likely sabotage us rather than help us succeed. If you pick a spot like your room, where a computer and TV are easily accessible, you’ll be tempted to check Facebook, turn on your favorite show, or start having a conversation with your roommate. If you can, try to study where electronics and people won’t be a distraction.

4. Inspiration

Places like coffee shops and libraries can be a great source of motivation to get your work done. The people there tend to be on a mission to get something done. Maybe it’s the music that plays quietly in the background or maybe it’s the dim lighting creating a cozy environment. Whatever it is, order a mocha and treat yourself to a brownie when you’ve finished.

5. Study Buddy

If you have a friend in the same class, recruit them to help you study. You can quiz each other on terms, math problems, history trivia, and even share notes. To make it even more fun, promise each other a reward when it’s all over. Having something to look forward to will make you study faster. Just be wise with who you choose as a study partner – do not pick someone who you know will not take it as seriously and could be more of a distraction. Bonus: Also pick a prize for getting a good grade on the final test, such as a new outfit or video game.

Do you have any techniques that help you study better? Share them with us in the comments!

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Staying Focused!

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School is back in session and it is time to get back to business! Trying to juggle homework, classes, a job, internships, and a social life, it is insane trying to get everything done! Being strapped for time like any typical college student just means that when the time finally opens up in our busy schedules, we must use it wisely and try to stay focused to the task at hand. It isn’t always easy – especially with so many distractions in our lives. Here are some tips to keep you focused:

Limit Distractions

Shut off anything that will distract you – television, cell phone, music, and social media sites. All of these things are very distracting and can end up consuming a lot of your attention for a longer period of time than expected. It’s harder to get distracted when you don’t have many things to distract you.

Set Small Goals

Always have your goals set at the beginning. The smaller the goal is, the easier it will be to accomplish. Having big tasks to complete can be discouraging, overwhelming, and definitely create a distraction from the worry of completing such a big task! At the least – trick yourself into thinking the task is small by creating several steps to complete for it, and as each step is completed you will feel relieved and ready to take on the next thing!

Find Your Space

Being in the right setting is one of the most important factors to staying focused. Find the right environment in which you feel comfortable to get stuff done, but also one in which there are not many distractions around.


Figure out which goals are more important to accomplish than others. If you get the most important ones done first, the biggest stress will be lifted from you and you will now be able to complete other goals in a more relaxed state.

Take Breaks

If you take frequent small breaks, then you will feel re-energized and well less likely feel an urge to be distracted. If you do end up getting distracted, you can convince yourself to hold out until your break. When your time for a break does come, think of it as a reward to yourself for your hard work! Just don’t prolong the break longer than it should be.


Hope this helps! Now go get focused!

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Getting Into a School State of Mind…

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The day when it’s time to pack your bags and return to campus always seems to come a little too soon.

by Guest Blogger Tiana Bouma

Summer is a welcome and necessary reprieve for college students – a time to leave behind the homework and the late-night cram sessions and get back in touch with the rest of your life. The day when it’s time to pack your bags and return to campus always seems to come a little too soon.

And while leaving friends and family is hard – and giving up the luxury of long, unstructured days even harder – to me the most difficult thing about going back to school is transitioning out of that Summer State of Mind and summoning the motivation that will carry you through the next year.

One of my own secrets? Instead of procrastinating – oh, so tempting – I start the process during the last few weeks of summer. My strategies are simple, but they work for me and you might find they work for you, too:

Don't feel like this guy! by Alexandre Normand

  • Start incorporating a School State of Mind into your daily routine. Study and review old (or new) course materials or read for fun two hours every afternoon, for example.
  • Set your alarm clock for the same time that you’ll need to wake up for your first class.
  • Make a list of the things you need to do before – and after – you get back to campus. I know that this is a no-brainer, but keeping track of your most important tasks and their results will direct your energy forward. (Without a constant reminder, it’s way-y-y-y too easy to spend endless hours on Facebook.)
  • Go back-to-school shopping! Buy all the essential binders, notebooks, pens, and course materials. It’ll help your brain and body transition back to school mode when you have the materials in front of you. (Check out Kelsey’s tips for adding a touch of fall to your wardrobe.)

by Mollusa

  • Set up a study station where you’ll have no distractions. Quiet, secluded library desks are usually a good choice if you can’t study at home. Make sure you have the supplies you’ll need, including note cards, highlighters, and sticky notes for marking important information.
  • During the first weeks of school, reward yourself for your hard-won motivation by reading a new magazine or grabbing fro-yo with a friend.
  • On Thursdays, remind yourself that it’s almost the weekend and that you’re only a few hours away from that mini-vacation.
  • And if you still can’t quite get your mojo back and need help with making the most of your study time, talk to a guidance counselor or find a tutor through your college’s resource center – that’s what they’re there for.

What are your personal tips and techniques for getting yourself into a School State of Mind?

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Study Help, When You Need It Most

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By BookRenter Rebecca

If you are anything like me, you have had this scenario happen at least a dozen times. You sit in class nodding your head thinking to yourself, “Yup, I totally get it. Easy peasy–I can totally write that essay, do that problem, analyze those results, and tell you exactly who did that painting.”  Only to get back to the dorm all ready to start your assignment and your mind goes blank. It all made so much sense when your prof. was explaining it.  ARGH!

Now what?  Right, ok.  Assignment due and you really need homework help from someone that actually gets it. Take a deep breath and check out BrainMass.  You won’t believe it they actually have online step-by-step solutions to academic questions.  Basically, BrainMass is the place you can turn to get “unstuck” on any question you are working on. They have tons of solutions in over 40 fields of study along with online tutors.

We keep studying moving; provide deep insights on every question, and our users get better grades.

It’s affordable (no monthly fees) and our experts are carefully vetted, are all graduate-level and are, we feel, by far the best on the web.

Just for our fans BrainMass has offered free library credits (good for a download of any solution from BrainMass’s database of more than 175,000 solutions) – all you have to do is comment below. Tell us about how you study and get free library credits from BrainMass.

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