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Making the Most of Student Jobs

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Being a college student means wracking up a pretty big education bill. With the costs of tuition, housing, food, and school books – students usually find that they cannot break out of the “broke college student” stereotype. For some college students the amount of time outside of class required for a major can make having a job during the school year impossible. School break is a great time for this because students can work 40-hour weeks at internships or minimum wage jobs.

I know that I have spent time between jobs and internships during college breaks to gain experience and extra cash. Below are some of the best types of jobs I’ve held as a college student that I would recommend for other college students looking for ways to get extra cash.


Although any customer service job is good, being a server means raking in tips that you may miss as a busser or host. Serving is a hard job but it is well worth it if you can handle staying polite with even the rudest customers. If you live in a popular vacation town or talk to a potential employer then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a seasonal serving job in a restaurant.


If you can handle children and possibly over-protective parents then being a nanny is a great way to earn some money over the break. Working as a nanny means that you can sometimes choose your own hours and almost always set your own price per hour or child. If you want a position outside of your hometown, a lot of websites offer nanny programs in other countries or states that will provide a place to live as well.


If you are having trouble finding a job or a company that is willing to hire someone for a seasonal position, you can always find odd jobs in the town instead of a normal minimum wage job. Mowing lawns, walking dogs, raking leaves, and painting houses are all jobs that will give you a paycheck and allow you to be outdoors!

It takes a little time to research for potential job opportunities but with enough digging, I have always been able to find something. If you are returning home from college, then plan ahead and try to go home for a weekend to scout out potential employers. Even to just get your name out there a month or two in advance could secure a good seasonal summer job.


Happy Hunting!

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Getting Into a School State of Mind…

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The day when it’s time to pack your bags and return to campus always seems to come a little too soon.

by Guest Blogger Tiana Bouma

Summer is a welcome and necessary reprieve for college students – a time to leave behind the homework and the late-night cram sessions and get back in touch with the rest of your life. The day when it’s time to pack your bags and return to campus always seems to come a little too soon.

And while leaving friends and family is hard – and giving up the luxury of long, unstructured days even harder – to me the most difficult thing about going back to school is transitioning out of that Summer State of Mind and summoning the motivation that will carry you through the next year.

One of my own secrets? Instead of procrastinating – oh, so tempting – I start the process during the last few weeks of summer. My strategies are simple, but they work for me and you might find they work for you, too:

Don't feel like this guy! by Alexandre Normand

  • Start incorporating a School State of Mind into your daily routine. Study and review old (or new) course materials or read for fun two hours every afternoon, for example.
  • Set your alarm clock for the same time that you’ll need to wake up for your first class.
  • Make a list of the things you need to do before – and after – you get back to campus. I know that this is a no-brainer, but keeping track of your most important tasks and their results will direct your energy forward. (Without a constant reminder, it’s way-y-y-y too easy to spend endless hours on Facebook.)
  • Go back-to-school shopping! Buy all the essential binders, notebooks, pens, and course materials. It’ll help your brain and body transition back to school mode when you have the materials in front of you. (Check out Kelsey’s tips for adding a touch of fall to your wardrobe.)

by Mollusa

  • Set up a study station where you’ll have no distractions. Quiet, secluded library desks are usually a good choice if you can’t study at home. Make sure you have the supplies you’ll need, including note cards, highlighters, and sticky notes for marking important information.
  • During the first weeks of school, reward yourself for your hard-won motivation by reading a new magazine or grabbing fro-yo with a friend.
  • On Thursdays, remind yourself that it’s almost the weekend and that you’re only a few hours away from that mini-vacation.
  • And if you still can’t quite get your mojo back and need help with making the most of your study time, talk to a guidance counselor or find a tutor through your college’s resource center – that’s what they’re there for.

What are your personal tips and techniques for getting yourself into a School State of Mind?

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