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Spring Semester Reminders

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If you haven’t started spring semester yet, then you will be soon enough. You made it half way through this school year and should be relieved! However, don’t forget that this second half is just as important as the first.

Here are a few reminders for this upcoming college semester:

1. Stay Focused

Often times, you figure you have the swing of things by the first semester and that the second one will be a piece of cake – this is NOT always true. Be cautious and know that even though you may have had success last semester, it is not guaranteed this time. In fact, I notice my grades are always higher fall semester. Try to keep focused and motivated.

2. Get Prepared

No more staying up late and sleeping in – fix your sleeping habits now. Buy all the supplies you need and order/buy your books in advance. Make a daily routine to help time management and to help get your schedule up and going.

3. Course Choice

It may be too late to pick courses for this semester, but keep in mind options for the next course registration. Your major and graduation requirements always come first, but make sure to also take classes that just sound interesting to you or that could advance you in the field you want to pursue. Make your transcript stand out for future employers. It is also important to not OVER-DO it and take too many challenging classes. You don’t want to burn yourself out or hurt your GPA. Sometimes it is okay to take a class for a GPA boost.

Whatever this new semester brings, be ready and be enthused so you can tackle any obstacle that comes your way. Good luck!

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