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The New iPhone 4S

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…What we’ve been waiting for: the new iPhone 5 iPhone 4S

By guest blogger Jessica Ridgeway
Jessica is a journalism major at the University of Oregon. She is finishing her final year focusing in magazine journalism with a minor in communications. She spends her free time writing or hanging out with friends. College has introduced her to a new found love for sports (Go Ducks!) and the French language.

Apple Inc. has done it again – they’ve released a brand-new Apple product that surpasses the last. This October the iPhone 4S, formerly rumored to be the “iPhone 5,” is available for technology-lovers everywhere.

The new iPhone 4S doesn’t physically differ from its predecessor, the iPhone 4. It’s the same weight and shape with all of the same functional buttons. However, it’s the phone’s capabilities that make it shine.

First there is the phone’s new dual-core A5 chip – which is the same processor found in the iPad 2. It works twice as fast, opening Apps and Safari web pages faster than ever. The phone also runs on the new iOS 5 operating system; it includes 200 new features that the iPhone 4 lacks.

by Photo Giddy

All of the main programs on the iPhone – Music, Contacts, Photos, Mail (to name a few) –  all run under iCloud on the new iPhone 4S. iCloud wirelessly stores and transfers your files, photos, and pretty much everything else to your other devices. So if you take photos with your iPhone 4S, they will automatically appear in iPhoto on your Macbook Pro and iPad, for example.

The camera of the Phone 4S completely tops the iPhone 4’s. This camera is 8 megapixels and has all-new optics for better pictures. Apple has increased the aperture, which allows more light into the photo, and has added a fifth lens for a sharper and more detailed image. It also has face-detection programming, allowing the camera to focus and expose the image accordingly. For the iPhone videographers, the new phone records at 1080p and at 30 frames per second. There is also a stabilizer, keeping the videos from looking like you’re experiencing an earthquake.

Lastly, the new iPhone 4S includes a new program called “Siri.” The Apple website calls it the “amazing assistant.” Siri listens to voice commands and works with the phone. You can set reminders, send text messages, search for directions, and so much more using only your voice. Aside from all of the many advancements the iPhone 4S has, it’s Siri that sets this smart phone apart from all of its competitors.

Siri can answer any of your questions, even abstract ones

As a new iPhone 4 user (I’ve had mine for almost two months now) I’m mildly impressed. I’m intrigued, of course, but not enough to swap phones. I use my iPhone for three things: phone calls, text messages, and e-mail. I feel that the more features added to phones will eventually cause people to avoid personal communication all together. I have also been told that “Siri” is available as a free App on the iTunes store – but I don’t think I would ever use it. I find it a little strange to talk to my phone like it’s my robot assistant.

Overall, I congratulate Apple on another successful release. I have no doubt in my mind that the elusive “iPhone 5” will make an appearance soon.

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