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BookRenter and Sequoia Make it Even Easier for Students to Rent TextBooks

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We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again and again; we love college stores. College stores are right there on campus just waiting to give students better access to affordable textbooks.

Today, BookRenter announced a partnership with Sequoia Systems. It’s a name not known to many students, but here’s how it helps you.

Sequoia makes the software that powers hundreds of ecommerce websites for college store around the US. By integrating BookRenter’s platform for college stores in the websites that students use to find books, more and more students will have access to textbooks at up to 80% off the retail price right from their college store’s website.

We think that one of our first customers to adopt the integration said it best:

“This is all about helping our students save money on textbooks,” said Jared Ceja, bookstore manager at Chaffey College, one of the first to adopt the integrated solution. “With BookRenter, our bookstore can offer students more options on textbooks right from our website. This improves our service to students, but also helps increase foot traffic when they come to pick up and return their books”

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