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Quarters vs. Semesters – Which is Your Preference?

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By BookRenter Digital Intern, Joyce Du

It’s the end of August and most of my home friends’s Facebook statuses say something along the line of “Back at school,” “Senior year, here I come…” On the polar end of the spectrum, my statuses say “A few more weeks to go, what am I going to do?”

This is the greatness of going to a school on a quarter system. Unlike my friends in the semester system, my school year is broken down into three quarters, each ten weeks long, followed by a much-deserved break.

There are perks, as well as pitfalls with the quarter system, in my opinion – and here are some of them:


  • I get to learn more! (My internal nerd speaking here)
  • Summer vacation always feels longer
  • Falls and springs are lengthier
  • Only taking 3-4 classes/quarter
  • Classes are not drawn out over a four-month period


  • All my friends leave in the middle of August
  • Winter is sometimes “too” long
  • More midterms and finals
  • My vacations don’t align with friends that go to semester-system schools

So do the perks outweigh the pitfalls? I don’t really know. All I know is I’m going into my senior year, and countdown for graduations starts in just a little over a month.

What are your thoughts? Which would you prefer?

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