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BookRenter’s “Rock the World” Scholarship

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BookRenter’s Rock the World Scholarship

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Ready to change the world? We thought so.

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Tell us how you plan to use your education to rock the world and you could win a college scholarship of up to $25,000!

Besides your own amazingness, when it comes to making your mark in life, a good education is one of the most important tools you will have.

We’d like to help make getting that education just a little easier.

That’s why we’re announcing the first-ever BookRenter Rock the World Scholarship. All you have to do is tell us how you plan to use your education to make a difference in the world. And how winning our scholarship would help support or expand your educational goals. We’ll select the scholarship winner from among the most inspiring stories we receive.

To enter, go to our special Rock the World Scholarship page.
Then just:
1.  Like us.
2.  Enter to win.
3.  Spread the word.

The initial amount in the scholarship pool is $1,000. But you can help that amount grow. Just share news of the scholarship with your friends on Facebook, and with each “Like” we receive from your friends, the scholarship fund increases by $0.25, up to a total of $25,000.  The more you share, the bigger the scholarship fund will grow!

Another Chance to Win: Each time you share with your friends you will automatically be entered for a chance to win a weekly prize worth $50 in free textbook rentals.

We’ll be accepting entries until midnight on June 30, 2011. Between now and then, you can enter to win on our special Rock the World Scholarship page as often as once a day. (Be sure to check out the Student Spotlight and Inspiration Corner while you’re there!)

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5 Tips to Get Yourself a Scholarship

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By BookRenter Andy

By AMagill

Going to college can be unbearably expensive (private school especially), and most of the expense goes toward tuition.  One way to offset the cost of school is to look for scholarships. I know what you¹re thinking: “Scholarships aren’t for me! I’m not smart enough! Too much competition for the things!”

Wrong on all counts. You’d be surprised by the amount of scholarships that go un-awarded because of lack of applicants. You need not be a 4.0 student or chair of the Theoretical Physics club in order to get a scholarship. A regular maestro/maestress can easily find something they have a great shot at. And unlike college, scholarships don’t cost anything to apply for.

Here’s a few resources and tips to help you start your search:

1. Go local – check your local newspaper or University newspaper this is often the best way to find relevant matches.

2. Check Your Campus – Your school registrar office, financial aid office, or career office will also have a ton of scholarships and fellowships

3. Zinch.com – Zinch has over 100,000 high school and college student members. It connects students with scholarships as well as helps students get recruited by Universities. There’s a ton of colleges and universities actively looking for students to recruit. Get on Zinch!

4. Check the Web – Free scholarship engines great examples are fastweb.com, collegeboard.com, and scholarships.com.  These are a great way to start looking.

5. BookRenter Scholarship – Last but by no means least check out BookRenter’s $250 textbook scholarship.

Now go on and get yourself a scholarship!

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