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Balancing Your Time As A Busy College Student

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If you are like me, which I know a lot of you are, you have a job, you are a full time student, and you are in a relationship. On paper that may not seem like a big deal, but to do well in all three areas, it takes a lot of energy, time, and patience. Over the years, being married has helped me learn a few ways to maintain good standing in all three of these important areas of my life. Here are some of my tips that can hopefully help you maintain perfect balance between working, being a college student, and having a great relationship.

1. Designate Specific Days

This may not work for everyone, but having a date night for my husband and I, has helped out so much. Every Thursday night ( sometimes another night due to our schedule) is a night just for the two of us. We don’t necessarily have to go out, sometimes we stay in, drink wine, and play board games or watch a movie. It’s a night for us to do whatever we want. This also works for homework – set a day to get as much done as possible. I have class all day Tuesday, so my designated school work day is Tuesday nights. This help me to stay organized and know when I can get my homework done.

2. Work Together

Sometimes it’s nice to do your homework with your significant other, that way you are still spending time with each other, but you are also getting your work done too. It’s nice because I don’t have to let any of my priorities slide and I can have an awesome study partner. You can also do homework with friends too.

3. Don’t Do Homework At Your Job

It may seem like a good idea to kill two birds with one stone, especially if work is slow, but chances are your boss isn’t going to like paying you to do your homework. You can’t excel at your job if your attention is focused on something else and your homework won’t be done well if you’re not completely focused on it.

A college student typically has a million things going on at once. Hopefully these tips can help give you some ideas on how to make sure your time is balanced so that not only everything can get done, but also so you are enjoying yourself without any wasted energy or stress.

What do you like to do to make sure you balance everything you do?

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Strategy for Scheduling

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Now that I’m working 30 hours a week, married, and going to school, I’ve had a lot of trouble keeping up with everything. I’ve let the apartment become a chaotic mess, the laundry pile up, and I haven’t done something for myself in I don’t know how long. Life as a college student can get quite hectic! I’ve been trying to figure out how I can stop this cycle that keeps repeating every week. As much as sometimes schedules don’t work out the way you want them to, structure could be the key to success. In the past few weeks, I have mapped out certain days for me to get things done.

Scheduling Steps

1. Weekly Schedule

I took a huge white erase board and put it in my closet (which I know I’ll look at every day.) I have Monday-Sunday written out with enough space for me to add stuff below the days.

2. Work and Class Hours

After making the basic outline, I fill in my work and class hours for the week. Now I can fill in the other stuff that I need to get done

3. Homework

Then I write in everything I need to get done for school (including every detail, no matter how small). Designating a time for homework will make it easier for me to sit down and actually do it.

4. Chores

When school is on the board, then it’s time to add housework, oil changes, trips to the bank, etc. (All of the stuff you really need to get done and keep forgetting or putting off.)

5. Fun

Finally, after your beautifully structured week is almost complete, add something you can do that is just for yourself. (Massage, nails done, workout, etc.)

As stated before, this approach isn’t for everyone, but it’s been working for me. With structure, I don’t allow myself to feel overwhelmed by all of the things I need to do, because I know there is a time I can do it! Don’t be discouraged if life gets in the way and throws your schedule off, because it will happen. Just take a deep breath, adjust your schedule, and keep smiling!

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How Seniors Can Enjoy Their Last Semester of College

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By BookRenter IT Intern Jason Kuang
Jason is a senior at San Jose State University majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems. Loves science and technology, music and camping in the wilderness. Currently searching for the ultimate meaning of life through various philosophical views. Has lots of interests but not sure there is enough time in the world to pursue all of them.

by Amy Fleming

The fall semester is coming to an end in a few weeks. It is about this time that seniors really have to start thinking about what classes they need to take and even (dare I say) life after college. Yes! That’s right. The time-consuming, dreadful task of enrolling in classes is not a spontaneous activity. You have to sit down and really focus on how to balance classes, work and family, making sure they all piece together in your schedule smoothly. On top of that, now you have to figure out what you want to do after you graduate! That’s a lot to think about.

Sigh no more! Relax and take a deep breath. Truth be told, with only one semester to go, everything is happening all at once. Gearing up for the next chapter of our lives after four years of living in the “college bubble” can be a little daunting and overwhelming. I don’t know about you though, but I am ready to bring this change into my life!

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your final semester:

  1. Take a course you’ve always thought about taking but haven’t yet – Enroll in that course you’ve always wanted to take. Many universities offer classes like wine appreciation, photography, and even archery. Use your last semester to experience something different. Who knows? You might end up liking it and making a new hobby out of it.
  2. It is never too late to join a club and meet new people – Don’t just stay at home, coasting through your last semester. Get involved in a club or cause that is important to you. Remember, the network of people that you meet in college may go a long way once you are in the real world.
  3. Never let yourself slow down – Just because next semester is the last, don’t let that be a reason to slack off. Exams and projects are still important, especially if you are planning to go to graduate school (either immediately after college or after a few years off). Don’t let that GPA fall now that you’ve gotten so close to the finish line. Plan well and finish strong!

by inktastic

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