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Password Sharing: Relationship Faux Pas?

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Has your significant other ever offered you the password to their Facebook account? Did you take it and find yourself suddenly perusing their private messages?

A couple months ago I was seeing a guy who didn’t hesitate to ask if I wanted the password to his Facebook account. He said it would make me trust him more if I could see who he was talking to and what he was saying. While he didn’t see anything wrong with that, I did. If the goal was to increase the level of trust between us, how would my having his password build it up? Since when did handing out your passwords to the person you’re interested in become just another step in a relationship?

If we use the password to our partner’s Facebook account, we may eventually feel there IS something to be suspicious about. When something is wrong in a relationship, the typical answer is to talk to that person about the issue you’re having – not skip that little step and instead turn to their Facebook messages.

Curious as to what other 20-somethings thought, I asked a few people, “Couples who share their Facebook passwords, do you think it’s a good idea? Why or why not?” These were their answers:

“I think it is a fine idea to be open with your partner, but at the same time, you should be able to trust your partner and not need that access to his or her Facebook.” – Sheldon, 23

“I don’t think couples should share passwords. Neither should feel there’s a reason to share them. If they think having the password would give them information about their partner that they need to know then it seems like they have issues with trust. If one person really feels like they need their partner’s password, they should ask themselves why and for what reason they’d use it and talk about it with their partner.” – Jessica, 21

“My boyfriend and I have been official for two years, we are open and honest about everything with each other. Although we would gladly give each other our Facebook passwords we never have because we are 100% honest with each other and don’t feel a need. I think it all has to do with trust whether or not couples share passwords.” – Keresa, 22

Would you give your significant other your password? Let us know in the comments!

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