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The Top 10 Things I Miss About Campus

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Okay, I Hate to Admit It: I Kinda Miss School

By Guest Blogger Charmaine Ng I UNIVERSITY OF OREGON:Ambitious and talented, honest and human, this tri-lingual social media strategist and curator is also a published author. Harbors a secret desire to one day have a multi-hyphenated title.

by Jeremy Blanchard

It’s true. School oftentimes feels more like home than my actual home does.

Here are the top 10 things I miss most about college life:

1. My friends! Ironically, I don’t get to see them that often because I’m so busy, but I love them to death anyway. I miss all those nights staying up playing NBA 2K11 and going out for dinner wherever we could (there aren’t many options in Eugene).

2. The 30-minute transit. I don’t have a car, but luckily, everywhere I want to go in Eugene is only a bus ride away. And public transit is usually punctual. Downside: no arrival time tracker.

3. Qdoba. Although #1 implies that I dislike my limited dining options in Eugene, the scarcity of good eats makes it so much easier for me to make up my mind than when I’m in San Francisco. I usually end up at this popular Mexican chain. Their Craft 2 menu gives me the perfect portion sizes of quesadillas and three-cheese nachos.

4. Allen Hall. The journalism school is being renovated for the next year, and I already miss its cramped lecture hall, open computer labs, and free printing.

5. My apartment. There’s nothing like having your own space to make frozen dinners and watch movies until 5AM.

6. Nature. In Eugene, the air just feels different, and campus holds more than 500 kinds of trees. I’m not an outdoorsy person by any means, but it’s a nice change of scenery every now and then.

7. Free or affordable events. Something is always happening on campus, whether it’s a scholarly talk, local band concert, or culture night. Since I know many people in the student unions, I go and support their shows, and they always serve food. Score!

by Daniel Bachhuber

8. Sports games. My parents didn’t raise me on sports, but Oregon is a huge sports school, so whether I like it or not, I get sucked in. Besides, you just can’t beat that collective spirit during football season. (Go Ducks!)

9. No sales tax! The other day, I went to Walgreen’s and paid three extra bucks in taxes. You don’t realize what a bite sales tax takes out of your wallet unless you’ve lived in a state where you don’t pay any.

by Charmaine Ng

10. My boyfriend. (Cue the “aww’s.”) He flew back home to Maui shortly after our one-year anniversary, and we barely talk since he’s three hours behind. On the plus side, I’ll see him in September when I fly to Hawaii for the first time!

I could go on and on, but then I’d really miss Oregon. What do you miss about college, or do you not miss anything at all?

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