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Online Scholarship Search

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Finding and applying for college scholarships and grants can be a lengthy and tiring process. Filling out applications, tracking down personal information, and writing essays can really take up a lot of time.

When I was a college student and looking to receive free aid, I would look for the easiest and quickest ways to do it. One of the best perks to using online applications is that unlike the resources your university usually gives out, they save a lot of time. Through a bit of searching, I found quite a few websites that ended up being some of my favorites:

1. Fastweb

On Fastweb, make an account with all your school info. The more blanks you fill in, the more scholarship applications you’ll be notified about. Most applications I found were a quick five or six question form and most did not require an essay!

2. Scholarships.com

This is another website you can make an account with and they will find the scholarships most fitted for you based on the information you supply. Then you can pick and choose what to apply for!

3. Scholarship Experts

As with the two above, the scholarships found are tailored to meet your qualifications. It is really easy to set up and to find quick and easy scholarships!

4. College Board

College Board publishes a book of scholarships and now has information available online. Their scholarship database has more than 2,300 scholarship opportunities so this is a great website to definitely look into.

5. CollegeNET

With CollegeNET, the winner of a scholarship is determined through voters. Also, students can participate in online communities where the student who is ‘most interesting’ in conversation by the end of the voting cycle every Wednesday, can win $3,000-$5,000 in scholarship money!

Scholarships are not easy to get, but at least you can make it easy on yourself to apply!

How do you find your scholarships?


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3 Tips for Online Classes

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Online classes are becoming much more of a norm than they used to be. Whether you’re taking an online class to get ahead, or it is your primary education, online education can be a useful way to get credit. From my experience, whether you enjoy the subject or not, online classes can be challenging because you really have to push yourself to get the work done. In a classroom setting, the professor can tell you everyday about an assignment and how important it is, with online you have to motivate yourself. I’m going to give you a few tips that have helped me in the past to make good grades for online classes.

1. Schedule Your Time

Online classes usually don’t have a set time period where you meet, so it is easy to blow off doing the work. If you decide before the class starts what days or hours you’ll set aside to work on the class, than you will have an easier time staying on top of the assignments.

2. E-mail Your Professor

Do not hesitate to e-mail your professor and ask him/her to clarify on anything that may be confusing you. The reason you have a professor is so they can help you with the class, and you won’t get the help you need if you don’t ask questions.

3. It Is A Challenge

I’ve ran into a lot of people who were under the assumption that online classes were easier. It’s easy to think that because you never meet in a classroom that the class won’t be as challenging, but don’t let your assignments reflect this notion. Just like regular classes, every assignment you submit should be your best effort. The grades you get will go on your transcript no matter where they’re from, and if you don’t do your best, it will show in your grade.

These are just three tips that will help you to be successful when it comes to online classes. We’re all just trying to make good grades and get ahead, and online classes are a great way to do this if you put in the effort and time that is necessary for success!

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