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New Town? No Problem.

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I grew up in a pretty small town in Texas, so when we got to California a few days ago I was a little more than intimidated. When I went off to college, I chose to go to a town that I was already familiar with, making that transaction pretty easy. California, however, seems like a whole new world to me. If you would have seen me driving on the highway, you would have laughed, I promise. As I was sitting on my porch this morning trying to find things to do here so that I can get familiar with the surroundings, It dawned on me that most college students go through this once or maybe a few times. I wanted to share a few tips that I am learning of how to become more acclimated in a new area:

1. Google It!

Google the town. I typed in Vista, California and I was flooded with information! You can get the scoop on the best coffee spots, restaurants, shopping, and anything else you’re interested in. Not only do you get the names/addresses but most of the time there will be reviews so that you can judge whether or not it’s worth it.

2. Explore

The first day we got here, we jumped in the car and just drove around. If you see something you think you’d like or something familiar, then go in! There’s no harm in checking things out for yourself.

3. Neighbors

Who knows your new town better than someone who already lives there? Unless you have Scrooge next door, most people won’t have a problem at all sharing the “need to know” information. We ate at a really cool restaurant last night because our neighbor suggested it. You’d be surprised by how much someone will be willing to share with you about their city (the good and the bad)!

Be bold and vivacious, or at least fake it until you make it! The easiest way to get comfortable with something, is to get familiar with it. I hope these tips urge you to go see your new city!

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