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Relax Your Mind

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You go to the gym and eat healthy so you can keep your body in shape, right? Well, the same should be done for your mental health. No, brain push-ups don’t exist. I’m talking about relaxing your mind! In college we tend to get into a routine, which is great, but sometimes our brain gets overloaded and needs a break! Several reports have been done that have shown that mental health problems in college students are rising. I want to provide you with some ways to avoid being in the statistic.

1. Talk To Someone!

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or a therapist, you need to talk it out! Regardless of how we may feel, we really can’t do everything on our own. Sometimes trying to hold things in and deal with them yourself may back fire. I’ve been a frequent visitor to my therapist on campus, and there is no reason to be ashamed of that. Most schools offer free counseling to their students, so take advantage of that! You may think talking won’t do much, but believe me, once you let go of everything you’re holding onto, you’ll feel free.

2. Try Yoga!

I’m not particularly great at yoga, but once a month I go because even though I’m a beginner, it is still super relaxing! Most yoga classes are small so you don’t have to worry about a crowd of people. Also, the lights are usually dimmed, with calm music in the background, leaving nothing but relaxation as an option.

3. Meditation

I do yoga when I feel overwhelmed. It gives me a chance to shut out the world and it’s issues, and just let go. I cross my legs, but the key to meditation is absolute comfort, so if you’re not comfy, then change positions till you are! So, get comfy, relax the tension in your body, breathe mindfully (notice your breath,) and just let go. Make it your “me” time by adding your favorite candles and aromas to the room.

College is the unique time in our lives where we get to stand on our own feet and decide who we’re going to be and what we’re going to do. Sometimes that is a lot to handle, so don’t be afraid to ask for help, or just let yourself RELAX with whatever it is you enjoy to do!

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