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6 Ways to Save Money on Medical Expenses

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Graduating students always have a lot on their mind. Between homework and classes, and internships and career hunting, there is a lot to prepare for before a student gets to throw that cap in the air. And as if there wasn’t enough to worry about, graduation is also the day that students typically become ineligible to qualify for coverage under their parents’ insurance plan.

And insurance is expensive.

Family health plans typically stop covering dependents once they hit age 18. Often, companies extend coverage as long as the dependent is a full-time student up to the age of 21. A lucky few may have this benefit as long as through the age of 3.  As kids, the ability to go to the doctor when sick is a privilege often taken for granted. As  kids grow up, they come to realize the going to the doctor takes money.

Even if you have a job lined up that includes monthly benefits, you’re still going to have to cough up cash for prescriptions, co-payments, and monthly plan fees.  Here are six ways you can save money on your medical expenses.

1.  Don’t be a brand snob.

Buying generic brands or over the counter drugs like aspirin can save you dollars that will add up over time.

2.  Get yourself checked.

Yearly physicals go a long way in saving money. Getting preventative care will help you avoid spending money on more expensive treatments in the future.

3.  Keep your body fit.

Exercise has other benefits besides just looking good. Maintaining a healthy body keeps your immune system strong, which in turn keeps those germs from taking over.

4.  Calm down.

Stress can cause a lot of health issues; in college, anxiety can be a huge issue. Make sure to take time to unwind and de-stress between all those classes.

5.  Put down those potato chips.

Haven’t you heard?  Milk, it does a body good.  Eating healthy keeps you healthy, meaning fewer doctor visits and prescription drugs.

6.  And don’t watch so much television.

Keep your mind sharp by being active and exercising those mind muscles. While immediate effects may not be noticeable, long term benefits include less likelihood of cognitive decline.

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