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Votes Are In – 7-Eleven or McDonald’s Coffee?

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Written by BookRenter Briana

Our office indulged in more taste tasting today- testing McDonald’s and 7-Eleven coffee. These roasts might not be the cream of the crop but their price and convenience make them rather appealing to many people.

It was a close one on our Facebook fan page, but 7-Eleven was the eventual winner by one vote. 

Facebook Winner

Facebook Winner

What did our office think?

BookRenter Office Winner

BookRenter Office Winner

McDonald’s had an overwhelming lead over 7-Eleven, with one lonely person who voted for convenience store coffee. Our office seems to disagree with our Facebook fans in the battle between McDonald’s and 7-Eleven.

*Whoops, we did not do a  blind taste test in the office this time. It is possible some people were influence by branding rather than taste. Or maybe they were thinking of delicious Big Macs and french fries while choosing their favorite coffee.

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