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Life After College

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…yes, it does exist!

By BookRenter Business Development Associate, Elizabeth Schwandt
Elizabeth has a BA in International Studies and Environmental Science and a minor in French from Miami University of Ohio where she graduated in 2010. Elizabeth recently moved from Chicago and currently lives in San Mateo, CA. She enjoys the Bar Method, spinning, speaking French and reading.

This blog post is the first in a series of posts about post-grad life. Check back here soon for part 2.





by Cindy Schultz




After graduating from college, I moved home for 8 months. It wasn’t the most ideal situation, especially after having lived 2,500 miles from home on my own for 4 years. However, as long as you get along with your parents and they give you a little bit of privacy, it’s not a bad deal. You get free shelter, free food, access to your old family car, and time to reconnect with family pets. All in all, it’s a pretty sweet deal! So the question is, why not move home after graduation?

My first month living back at home after college graduation was, to be honest, a bit depressing. Not only was I sad that my college days were over, but my friends no longer lived close by. I could no longer stop by a friend’s house on my way home from class, nor could I bump into a friend in the pizza line at the dining hall. It took me a month to comprehend that my college years were over. I also realized that I could be excited for my post-grad years. As much as I miss college, I believe that it was time to move on and discover something new. So, don’t let the graduation blues get the best of you – you are still young and have an exciting life ahead of you!

After living with my parents, I eventually moved to Chicago, an exciting and wonderful city. I moved in with my college roommate, and loved being close (geographically) to my college friends again.  Although I missed the perks of living at home, I was enjoying my time with college friends while exploring a new place.

Here are some tips to avoid the graduation blues:

  1. Get a job: even if it isn’t a job you see yourself doing forever, it is important to get out of the house, do something and meet new people
  2. Plan a trip to visit your college friends: just for a day or two, it is something to look forward to!
  3. Attend alumni events: you can join your college’s alumni groups via Facebook and LinkedIn and bond about your college years!
  4. Don’t be afraid to venture to a new city, and discover a new place!
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