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The Most Popular Costumes this Halloween

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by Guest Blogger Serena Piper

Every year in October, or sooner if you like to plan ahead, college students start making Halloween plans. We find out from our friends what they are doing, think about who we want to spend Halloween night with, and most importantly, what our costume will be.

The costume used to be the most important part to me. (How else would I have come up with the idea to be an Aerosmith groupie one year?) However, because I work with kids, I get enough of a Halloween fix at work seeing what their costumes are. Still, it never stops being entertaining to peruse the costume websites to see what is most popular that year.

First, you have Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is probably the most fun you can have with a costume because the pop star is famous for her head-turning outfits. To make sure others actually recognize who you’re supposed to be, grab a wig in a bold color, some glittery eyelashes, and sky high heels. Just don’t run out and slap some meat on your body, á la Lady Gaga at the VMA’s last year.

by Luigi Orru

Since yet another Pirates of the Caribbean movie has been released, it seems there is no shortage of pirate costumes. For the guys, if you can look as good as Johnny Depp then I’ve got no problem with yet another pirate, but girls, the slutty pirate costume is just a little bit unoriginal. When you see a hundred other slutty pirates walking the city streets Halloween night, you’ll thank me for telling you to try again!

It seems that it wasn’t until the Spiderman movies came out that flaunting your crush on a comic book superhero was considered “cool.” Well that tradition has carried over and now there is bound to be no shortage of superheroes. From Batman and the Green Lantern, to Spiderman and Wolverine, it might just be that superheroes are the staple for college guys. For women, we get to be slinky and sexy without being slutty.

by istolethetv

Whatever you choose to be, have fun with it! The whole point of Halloween is that we get to dress up as something we aren’t. So be original and get creative because it’s going to be another whole year before we get to do this again.

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