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Can’t Beat the Summerfest Buzz

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Jamming to Jason Mraz and performing pull-ups at the world’s largest music festival

by Guest Blogger Keith Kaplan I ALBION COLLEGE: Brains (double-major honors student, Mortar Board, College Fellow) and brawn (swim team captain and an avid outdoorsman who most days can be seen paddling on the river that runs through his campus). Regular blogger. Co-founder of the eponymous DK Cookies (on Facebook!).

Click on the image for a Summerfest Welcome

Never heard of Summerfest? Well, neither had I until one of my friends invited me to join her and her parents for a trip to the largest music festival you’ll ever see. Mix a lot of music, people, and drinking, throw in some humidity and heat, and you have Summerfest. The festival, held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, runs for 11 days on 11 stages. Low-priced tickets – $8 or $15, depending on whether you go during the week or on a weekend – give you access to all the bands that are playing that day, not too bad a deal.

I was definitely overwhelmed by the size of the park and the number of people who actually go to this event.

Rockin' Out to the Styx Concert

An Aerial View from the Sky Rail

I was able to attend only two days of Summerfest, which is a shame because popular artists like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Nicki Minaj were scheduled to appear. Not that I’m complaining: The highlight of our first day was seeing Third Eye Blind, Girl Talk, and Styx. The second day was even better, partially because it wasn’t as hot, and we got to see Guster and Jason Mraz. It was an awesome concert, especially from our eighth-row seats (thanks again, Mr. and Mrs. Graunke).

Adding to the atmosphere were vendors selling typical festival fare like neon glow sticks and band t-shirts. They even had an entertainer during the day who juggled fire (though it must be said that he wasn’t that great). Companies like Sony, Planters, Pepsi Max, and Axe also had tents set up and were giving away free goodies. At the Planters tent I tried 5-Alarm Chili Peanuts; I was dying for water after I snacked on them. Elsewhere on the Summerfest grounds, I got a chance to show my love for BookRenter by doing 23 pull-ups for the team. Here’s my proof:

Click on the image to see Keith do 23 pull-ups

After walking around the park and listening to all sorts of music on Saturday, it was time to head over to the Marcus Amphitheater – the largest stage at Summerfest – to hear Jason Mraz and Guster.

Click on the image for a clip of Guster and Jason Mraz!

This concert was by far the best we saw. Jason Mraz was awesome at engaging the audience – he had us clapping our hands and repeating the lyrics to his songs; he even got me up and dancing. My trip to Summerfest won’t be soon forgotten. If I were you, I’d definitely put Summerfest on your schedule for next year!

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