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Sketchy Internships

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It is hard to believe that the fall semester is winding down and before you know it will time to start applying for spring and summer internships. Having an internship helps shape your experience and can seriously impact what you do in your career. Internships are a chance for students to break into their interested field to gain work experience and to see if it is the right fit. Unfortunately, sometimes students can get tricked into the wrong internship. Here are three things to look out for when applying:

1. The “Ballin’” Internship

If you have come across an internship that is highlighting how much money you could make, you might want to reconsider it. More than likely, the internship is commission based and probably doesn’t have a base salary, meaning you could actually make nothing. These internships usually come from companies that are not totally established and are looking to entice anyone to join while not really considering how to help interns gain valuable work experience.

2. The “Pay To Work” Internship

There are several internship programs that guarantee work placement with an added fee; few of them are actually legit. Does it even sound plausible to pay for employment? Sometimes these internships can be real granted if you are using work equipment or the company needs to pay off any charges that you might acquire as an extra employee. Just be cautious of this and do not pay anything until you know this is secure.

3. The “You’re Not Really Employed, But You’re Working” Internship

So, you finally land the internship – congrats! But, they don’t acknowledge you are an employee or give you the terms of employment. You have an estimate of how long you’ll be working for them, but don’t have a contract. If you don’t have a contract, you’re not legally employed. Without legal employment, you will not have proven record that you worked there and then no recommendation for a future employer. Along with a contract you should also receive documentation about pay, company policies, and rules. In order to have rights as an intern, you must have documentation of employment. Make sure you ask for it if it isn’t given to you.

Internships are a great way to get a step into what you want to pursue, just make sure you only follow through with positions that are not questionable. Take this time to learn what you can and get the most experience possible to add it to your resume so that you have the best chance of landing that job!

Happy searching!

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Internships: BookRenter and Beyond!

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On top of tanning and summer flings, summer should most definitely be spent on internships. BookRenter recently partnered with InternMatch.com to create a Facebook app to offer students summer internships and extra resources on how to prepare, find, and apply for internships.

I absolutely love internships. As a student who’s held multiple summer internships and internships throughout the school year, words cannot describe how valuable that experience is. Internships keep you busy and set yourself apart from others.
Places like InternMatch help students find their focus – whether their passion resides in journalism, biology, art, or theatre. It’s budget friendly too – InternMatch is free for students. Students are able to save positions, get updates on various internships, and contact certain employers at no cost.

If you’re interested in things like fashion, maybe check out an internship at a fashion publication. For students who are interested in public policy and government, look for internship opportunities for state leaders and political organizations.
Internships don’t always have to deal with commuting either. If it’s difficult for you to relocate, there are many telecommute and virtual internships available on InternMatch. InternMatch is a great resource to locate and secure virtual internships, some of which are a lot similar to the internships offered at BookRenter.

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Photo © BookRenter.com

Here at BookRenter, there are many opportunities for students to thrive. Currently listed are two internships: a video production internship and a merchandising internship. Go apply!

Make your summer fun, all while networking and gaining career experience.

Good Luck!

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5 Ways To Stand Out At Your Internship

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You did it. You snagged that internship! Congratulations! You slaved away putting together a cover letter and you redesigned your resume. Your employer picked you for a reason, so show them they were right in their choice and that you’re an all-star with these five tips for standing out at your internship.

1. Ask for More

If you’re handed an assignment you think you can get done pretty quickly, there’s no shame in asking for more assignments. But make sure you only ask for what you can handle. Being able to actually get the work done is more important than overestimating how much you can handle.

2. Show Enthusiasm

If you were hiring, who would you pick: the person who showed up to the interview prepared but indifferent about being hired, or the person bursting at the seams with excitement about getting started? Exactly. Throughout your internship, show the same amount of enthusiasm you brought to the interview. Good moods are contagious and your mood will show through your work.

3. Be Self-Reliant

Have a question about something? Don’t immediately run to your boss. If you have the resources to and you feel confident you can figure it out on your own, do it. (Tip: when you’re first “hired” as an intern, make sure to ask your boss who you should direct any assignment questions to.)

4. Remember Who You Represent

No matter what your assignment is, unless your boss tells you otherwise, remember one word: branding. Remember who you represent and approach any assignment from that perspective. This is especially important for those of us running a company’s social media accounts.

5. Bring Your Own Ideas

I’ve found that a lot of companies welcome their intern’s ideas and suggestions for improvement. At the next team meeting, or if it goes along with the assignment you’re working on, don’t be afraid to bring up your own ideas. It shows you think out of the box, that you have goals for improvement, and that your internship is on your mind even when you are not “in the office,” or working on anything currently.

How do you stand out at your internship? Let us know in the comments!

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International Internships

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If you’re in a position to do so, consider an international internship. Often times, your financial aid will contribute toward the costs, and what isn’t covered a scholarship can help with. As gointernabroad.com says, “The value of an international internship is best described as a “whole-person development” opportunity because of the growth you will experience both professionally and personally.” Interning abroad says you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there, literally. Curious yet? Check out the websites below!

Internship Websites:

1. International Internships

International Internships is an internship placement company. Find an internship by location, by field, or by the date of deadline. There’s a helpful menu on the side, listing costs, available scholarships, and more.

2. Go Abroad

List which country you’d like to go to, the type of internship you’re looking for, and scroll through their directory!


The world’s largest student-run organization is another great resource for international internships.

Preparation Steps:

1. Research

Read up on the country you’ll be living in. Check out any intern groups that might already be present in the city you choose. See if there are weekly meetings where you can chat and exchange experiences. Facebook would be a great place to check for this.

2. Learn the Culture

Try to pick up a little bit of the language, see if your family has any long lost relatives there. The more you familiarize yourself with where you’re going, the less scary it will seem.

3. Passport Ready

Get your passport, if you don’t already have it. If you do, check the expiration date.

4. Paperwork

Read over any paperwork you have if you go through a placement agency. Make sure you have the required shots and healthcare for going overseas.

5. Verify

While placement programs have many perks, remember to check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints the company may have.


Internships are a great experience, as is studying abroad. Doing both at the same time is an even more amazing experience that will help you learn so much! Just make sure you are ready before you go and to enjoy the experience!

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No matter what year you are in college, it’s important to be on the lookout for internships. You don’t need me to tell you internships provide valuable hands-on experience, paid or not, and connect you to people who have an in with your dream work field. Internships are the gateway to securing a job. However, don’t just expect one to fall in your lap; finding a good internship can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it and necessary. Don’t want to be one of the thousands of students displaced and panicking after graduation? Here are a few places and ways to start searching!

1. Career Center

The people who work in the career center are pros at finding internships and jobs, and helping students perfect their resumes and cover letters. When companies are looking for interns, they often post with universities. Since you’ll be on campus anyway, stop by and check for openings.

2. Intern Queen Website

One of my favorite websites for available internships is the Intern Queen, run by internship expert Lauren Berger. It’s chock full of opportunities, career advice, and college tips. Post your resume, scroll through the listings, and even apply to become a Campus Ambassador.

3. Spread the Word

Tell everyone you know that you’re looking and, more specifically, what you’re looking for. By using social media, blogs, professors, family, and friends… word of mouth is a fast way to find connections.

4. LinkedIn

Perhaps an employer won’t use the site to reach out to you for an interview, but putting your education, experience, skills, and recommendations out there is a great way to market yourself. My current internship boss checked out my LinkedIn profile before our interview and said it played a part in her decision to interview me.

5. Call

Another way to find an internship in your desired field is to “cold call” as Intern Queen’s Lauren Berger did. When the company she wanted to work for didn’t have information about interning, she picked up the phone. So if your dream company doesn’t outright list their intern opportunities, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone!

Above all, be persistent. Attend career and internship fairs on campus, check with the alumni office, and scour any other internship sites you come across. However, don’t depend on online listings, as some sites are not frequently updated or even legitimate offerings.

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