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Internships: BookRenter and Beyond!

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On top of tanning and summer flings, summer should most definitely be spent on internships. BookRenter recently partnered with InternMatch.com to create a Facebook app to offer students summer internships and extra resources on how to prepare, find, and apply for internships.

I absolutely love internships. As a student who’s held multiple summer internships and internships throughout the school year, words cannot describe how valuable that experience is. Internships keep you busy and set yourself apart from others.
Places like InternMatch help students find their focus – whether their passion resides in journalism, biology, art, or theatre. It’s budget friendly too – InternMatch is free for students. Students are able to save positions, get updates on various internships, and contact certain employers at no cost.

If you’re interested in things like fashion, maybe check out an internship at a fashion publication. For students who are interested in public policy and government, look for internship opportunities for state leaders and political organizations.
Internships don’t always have to deal with commuting either. If it’s difficult for you to relocate, there are many telecommute and virtual internships available on InternMatch. InternMatch is a great resource to locate and secure virtual internships, some of which are a lot similar to the internships offered at BookRenter.

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Here at BookRenter, there are many opportunities for students to thrive. Currently listed are two internships: a video production internship and a merchandising internship. Go apply!

Make your summer fun, all while networking and gaining career experience.

Good Luck!

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