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Signing Off

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Well, fellow readers, it is time for me to say farewell. Writing this is bittersweet.  While I am incredibly excited for what lies ahead (college graduation, moving, and starting my new career), I am sad to be leaving BookRenter.

The past nine months as a Social Media Digital Intern for this unbelievable company have been amazing.  I have loved every second and could not have imagined a better experience.

I leave you with these last words of advice and encouragement during your college years.

Don’t turn down an opportunity just because it may not exactly fit your career path.  Had I only been open to education based internships, I never would have found BookRenter.  Be open to any and all opportunities that are presented to you during your four years in college because they truly do set you up for your future.

I have been able to use so many of the things I have learned while at BookRenter to help expand my horizons and further my teaching career.

Thank you to all of those who have read my blogs and supported me these past nine months and a big thank you to BookRenter!


Crystal Keefe

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What am I going to do the rest of my life?

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Or this summer, anyway…

Until just weeks ago, when I finished my undergraduate work at Albion College, I had no idea what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life. Not to mention what I’d be doing this summer.

All that changed the day I saw a posting on Internships.com for a social media internship at BookRenter.com. Since I was in the market for an internship and had an interest in social media marketing, I knew this would be a perfect opportunity. I also knew there’d be plenty of competition for the slot.

But I took a deep breath and applied for the internship anyway, via BookRenter’s Facebook page. Nice surprise: Within a few hours, I received an email asking for my resume and additional information. The next thing I knew, I was one of 10 finalists for the job. I learned from BookRenter that the company’s Facebook fans would determine, by popular vote, who would get the internship.

This was a brilliant idea – it would show just how creative and determined people were to win an internship. And to be totally honest, I loved it! I loved the competition and loved that it was online. As soon as the voting went live, I began hounding friends and family to vote for me. All that week, I was a man with a mission: everything revolved around getting more votes. By the end of the week, there were an awful lot of people hoping not to see my name on their caller ID, having wearied of repeated calls asking, “Did you vote for me? Did you? DID YOU?”

I suppose one reason that I was successful at getting votes was because of the variety of platforms I marketed on. On Facebook, I wrote on my friends’ walls and on group walls. I did direct messaging on Facebook and Twitter. I created an event on Facebook and invited people to it. I knew that even this might not be enough, so I decided to go above and beyond by creating a YouTube promo video for the contest. It turned out to be so popular that Google asked me if I wanted to use AdSense for the video. My voters even started the trend of writing Keith Kaplan promotion statuses – some of them very clever – on BookRenter’s wall.

After the week-long voting period, during which I checked votes approximately once a second, I came out on top and eventually was offered the internship. Now I still may not know what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life – though it looks like graduate school is next – but I do know what I’ll be doing this summer, and I am excited to see what my new internship will have to offer. Stay tuned!

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And the winners are…

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Charmaine Ng and Keith Kaplan tapped for 2011 BookRenter Summer Internships

The competition for the BookRenter Summer 2011 Social Media Internship is over, and we’re pleased to announce that Charmaine Ng, a student at the University of Oregon, and Keith Kaplan, who just completed his undergraduate work at Michigan’s Albion College, will officially be joining the BookRenter team for the summer.

Charmaine and Keith – who also received shiny new iPads – were among 10 finalists chosen by BookRenter staffers from among hundreds of seriously amazing applicants. BookRenter’s terrific Facebook fans then narrowed the field by popular vote to a Top Three that also included Brittany Goodman of Peace College.

The other finalists were:

  • Samantha (Sami) Main I UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA
  • Kimberly Erskine I ROWAN UNIVERSITY
  • Angela Andaloro I PACE UNIVERSITY

We’re tremendously excited about having Charmaine and Keith on board – and a little bit sad that we didn’t have a slot for ALL the wonderful students we met during the course of the competition. The good news: In the months ahead there will be a number of opportunities for students who are interested in working informally with the BookRenter team as Guest Bloggers and on special initiatives. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took the time to apply for a Summer 2011 Social Media Internship; to our 10 finalists, who logged some impressive hours authoring guest blogs (and coming up with creative ways to win your votes!); and to our rockin’ Facebook fans, who had the tough job of narrowing a field of 10 outstanding intern candidates to our final three.

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