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Ahh, Valentine’s Day

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By BookRenter Briana

Ahh, Valentine’s Day… To some of you this is the most romantic time of the year to express your love to that special someone, and to others it is the most pointless and money wasting day ever. Don’t get too caught up in the season of love by spending a truck load of money, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

by katerha

Here are a few ideas, to help you decide on the perfect inexpensive way  to either spend the day together or make the perfect gift, that screams, “I love you” this Valentines Day.

1. Cook – Instead of going out to dinner and wasting money on over-priced food just because it’s Valentine’s Day, try making dinner together. It’s a lot cheaper and shows a little more effort. Add a few candles and you’ve got yourself a nice romantic date.
Make a mix CD – of the songs that remind you of each other. I recommend some nice Al Green and some Marvin Gaye. (You might want to avoid Bruno Mars Grenade, I’m just sayin’.)

2. Make a Collage – If you’re feeling crafty. If you’re not the type of person to keep pictures (Yeah you, guys), go on Facebook and snag a few, get a poster board, slap those pictures on there, write some captions and you got yourself a giant V-day card that will WOW your significant other.

3. Photo Slideshow – Get some cute pictures together, put them on the comp, add a sappy song to it and give them the CD or email it to them. I suggest David Gray “This Years Love”…it’s sappy I know.

4. Rent a Movie – One you both enjoy. Buy a bunch of candy, make some popcorn and have an in-home date night.
Bake a heart shaped cake with extra frosting (Betty Crocker style – she knows how to do things on the cheap).

5. Be Outdoorsy – unless you’re in the Midwest (sorry guys – you can write in the snow how much you love them). Try and plan a day of activities like sightseeing, hiking, or visiting museums and galleries.

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