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How to Avoid the Freshman 15 (And More!)

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Set a goal, challenge yourself, and stay motivated.

by Guest Blogger Kelsey Bradshaw

When I started college last year, I was beyond certain that the dreaded “Freshman Fifteen” I’d heard so much about was a myth. “That won’t happen to me,” I reasoned. “I’ve always been skinny.”

Fast forward to the next month. After several weeks of all-you-can-eat dorm food, making poor life choices with my liver every weekend, and definitely not running every day like I did in high school, my jeans had definitely gotten considerably tighter. Occasionally I’d hop on the treadmill, but the weather was getting colder and staying in bed watching The Office always looked more attractive. Besides, weren’t sweatpants invented for Pumpkin Spice Latte-fueled waistline expansion?

by Perfecto Insecto

Once I started wearing sweatpants more often than jeans to class, though, my inner fashionista was horrified. It was time to make all of my jeans fit comfortably again.

The first thing I did was see if there was any possible way I could get in shape while avoiding the gym. There’s only so many times you can do the treadmill-abs-dumbells routine. So my friend and I signed up for the most tortuous thing we could think of: cycling class. Now, getting into shape was turning into a challenge, and if it’s one thing I love, it’s a goal that takes some work to complete.

And some work it did take. I made a new running playlist, I bought a new running jacket so I could run without my limbs freezing off, and I even made my friends go to the gym with me so I’d have company. I stopped thinking about working out as something I had to do, but rather something that was rewarding and – dare I say it? – fun.

by Greg Westfall

Once I had gotten back into shape, I started going with my sister to this gym she was absolutely crazy about. This new phenomenon, Crossfit, uses intense bursts of cardio and strength training to create workouts filled with pushups, rope climbs, box jumps and pullups that last about an hour and will make you sore for the next two weeks. Needless to say, I was hooked.

Finally, I tweaked my diet. I cut back on all of my wintery comfort foods and starting choosing healthy snacks like fruit and granola instead of cupcakes. It was a rough switch, but not only did I look better, I felt better, and that’s what truly matters.

The one thing that kept me going through all of this was the fact that I set a goal to get in shape, and finally feeling healthy again made all of the rainy runs and sweaty cycling classes worth it. Not to mention the satisfaction of fitting into all of my favorite jeans again…and then a new pair as a reward!

So there you have it: my wintery saga of how I managed to stay in shape despite Pumpkin Spice Lattes, eggnog concoctions, and frostbitten Oregon weather. You can do it too! Tell us: how do you stay in shape as the months grow colder?

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Eric’s Top 4 Tips on Surviving College

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By BookRenter Eric

by BLW Photography

Dealing with Stress – The Little Things Make a Huge Difference!
A recent New York Times article shows the average college freshman’s mental health is at its lowest level in 25 years.  When I discovered this information I started thinking back on my freshman year of college and how difficult a transition it was for me.  This inspired me to think of some creative ways to help cope with the long grind that is college.

  1. Stay active – go to the school’s fitness center, play inter-mural sports, go on a walk, have a snowball fight… Do anything to get out and get your mind off school.  Exercise and stress: Get moving to combat stress
  2. Eat Healthy – If you’re sitting around eating pizza and cheeseburgers every day you might want to change it up and quick.  Eating healthy meals can have a positive effect on your academic performance.  You don’t have to go crazy and become a vegan, but simply adding more fresh fruit and veggies to your diet is a great start. 5 Stress-Reducing Foods You Should Be Eating
  3. Set Goals– You probably hear this all the time, but let me tell you a little secret, it seriously works!  If you want to avoid cramming and all-nighters set up a calendar with detailed descriptions of what you need to get done each day to keep you on track.  It might seem tedious, but it’s a great way to make sure you get everything done on time without going crazy.  Top 5 Tips On Second Semester Goal Setting
  4. Sleep, Sleep, and um more sleep –Socializing in college, especially living in the dorms, can be distracting.  If you find yourself slipping up in classes because you’re up playing video games with your roommate at 4 am, stop!  The video games will be waiting for you tomorrow.  Stress and Sleep Disorders

What do you to relieve stress?

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Mike’s Guide to Healthy Dorm Living

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By BookRenter Mike

by Courtney Carmody

It’s called “dorm cough” and every time I call home to talk to my parents about how school and life are going, they always ask why my voice sounds a little raspy. I say, “Mom, its dorm cough. There’s nothing I can do to avoid getting sick living with so many people in such a small space!” But in reality there is a lot you can do to avoid getting sick in college. And the best part about beating sickness in college? You can do it on the cheap! Here are my top 3 ways to stay healthy and active while in college:

1) Work together with a good friend to push you to eat healthy and exercise.

One of the hardest parts about starting a nutrition program or a new exercise regimen is motivating yourself to continually follow your new routine. Having a close friend doing the same health program will help flow your competitive juices. You’ll always have someone there to help you if your plan falls by the wayside. According to collegetips.com, having a friend by your side helps “keep your spirits up and you focused and on track.”

How to Stay Healthy in College

2) Always have an ample supply of over the counter medications or a great first-aid kit.

When I first started college I thought I would be able to “tough out” any illness or battle through a cough. But what I didn’t recall were all those times back home when my Mom made sure I took Advil if I had a headache, or cough syrup if my throat was hurting. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen writes that students don’t know when to go to the doctor, and having a good first aid kit will enable students to prevent small irritations from becoming more serious illnesses.

Solving College Problems – 8 Tips for Staying Healthy at College

3) Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Did I mention that you should get more sleep?

The constant noise and partying in a dorm or off-campus house can make it hard for anybody to fall asleep, but it’s very important to develop a good sleeping routine and stick to it! Not getting enough sleep will make you groggy the next day and make you even hungrier for unhealthy cafeteria food. Getting enough sleep is one the most important things to do in college, but nobody ever seems to do it. Andrea Buginsky writes, “College students will need about eight hours of sleep a night in order to stay healthy and alert.” If noise bothers you make sure to wear earplugs or headphones – soft music can help you fall asleep!

Staying Healthy in a College Dorm

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