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Favorite Gummy Candy Revealed

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by BookRenter Briana

Halloween is finally here. Whether you’re a fan or not it’s the season of yummy candy and cute costumes! Once again we decided to do a taste test around the office to see what candy we like.

We tested A-gummy worms, B-sour gummies, C-cola gummies, D-fruity gummies, and E-gummy bears.

Gummy Candy Voting

We also asked our Facebook fans to help us out. Our fans liked sour candy the best with gummy bears coming in a close second. So what did our office think? Sour candy by a wide margin!

Candy Winner

There you have it, the sour candy has proven to be the favorite over the classic gummy bears. Who knew? I think if chocolate was a choice it would win hands down, no?

So hopefully this motivates you to get in the Halloween spirit, if not at least to buy some yummy candy!


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