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The Biggest Grad Mistake You Can Make

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Not too long ago, I realized I was planning my post-grad plans around the plans of my friends and family. Because I’ll be graduating soon, I thought this was a pretty crucial problem. Graduation is one of the biggest milestones in our lives. It’s pretty much the first test on how we are choosing to proceed with our lives, and only we can make the best decision for ourselves.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I was applying for all these different post-grad options, as seen in my last blog, I was considering how that would affect my relationship with my best friend and my parents. It wasn’t an entirely bad thing, because it meant I was considering others, but then I realized my friends and family don’t plan their lives around me! If I plan around people in my life, I won’t really be living my life for me.

It occurred to me that I might not be the only graduating student planning the next steps of my life this way, so I wanted to pass on a handy tip. My mom told me to ask myself, “If I was the only person I had to worry about, what would I do?” This is a good question to ask yourself.

If you have only yourself to consider, it suddenly becomes much easier to make difficult decisions. Of course, if you’re in a relationship, you do have to ask yourself how your decision will impact the other person, but don’t let it keep you from doing something. I would rather look back and say, “I am glad I did that” instead of “I wish I had done that.”

When you realize you should live for yourself, options and opportunities suddenly become much more plentiful. Let us know in the comments what your post-grad plans are!

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Post-Grad Options

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“If you can’t jump over life’s hurdles, limbo under them.”

This is exactly how I am approaching life after graduation. There have been many articles addressing the struggles the graduating class of 2013 will be facing in finding a job so soon after a recession. Discouraging is not the only word that comes to mind when we think about the task at hand. And don’t even talk to us about what we say when family ask us what our next steps are.

I have been feeling nervous about life post-grad. I’ve been applying for jobs since March and there hasn’t been a single call of interest. I eventually grew sick of feeling helpless and finally channeled that frustration into not only finding other options, but into actually pursuing them.

Here are some post-grad options for you to consider:

1. Peace Corps

Last week I had my first interview with the Peace Corps and I’m already moving on to the next stage. I can’t begin to say how much of a relief it’s been knowing I have this as an option. A two year commitment abroad, rewarding life experiences, and $7,500 at the end? Sign me up!

2. Au Pair Abroad

I know what you’re thinking. A nanny? However, it’s not as unappealing as it sounds. The website I’ve been going through, Au Pair World, allows both au pairs and families to seek each other out for a mutually beneficial arrangement. As an au pair, you become part of the family, not an employee. You interview with different families from around the world, choose one, and off you go for as little as three months to as long as 24 months. My interviews are next week!

3. Teach Abroad

To be specific, for me it’s the Middle East. When I told my family about my decision to try to teach there, they freaked out. “What is the crime rate?” “what if there’s no running water?” and “what if a war breaks out?” are only some of the questions they have asked.

These are my top three options for now. Keep up with my blogs to find out more about these options and where I end up! College grads, look into your own options. It’s not a guarantee that you will have a job when you want it, but it’s a great feeling knowing you have fall backs.

Good luck!

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6 Life-Lessons Before You Graduate

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You’re getting closer to ending your student career, getting your degree, and being thrown into “the real world,” but before you get ahead of yourself with daydreams of what your new apartment will look like and how awesome your day-to-day life will be, take a second to make sure you’re graduating with six essential life lessons.

1. Manners, manners, manners.

After college, impressions are a big deal and do play a part in where you snag a job. You may be freshly graduated, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like it. So, no belching your compliments or bragging about how drunk you got Friday night. Act professionally.

2. Nothing is permanent.

Feeling hopeless and discouraged if you don’t have a job lined up right after you graduate is not the end of the world. It’s easy to get sucked into feeling like things will never change, but remember “it’s going to get bad before it gets good.”

3. Fake it until you make it.

Don’t like someone you work with? Smile, suck it up, and be polite anyway. There are some obstacles you must overcome and take time to deal with before moving on to bigger and better things.

4. No one likes a whiner.

Get those “I hate quizzes” and “doesn’t it suck we have to do readings?” comments out now because it’s not usually considered professional to complain about your work while you’re actually at work. Complainers are no fun to be around and it’s a fact that people are more attracted to those with a positive attitude.

5. You can’t always trust the people you want to.

Unfortunately, someone you once thought of as a trusted friend, or even family member, can turn out to be someone completely different. Try not to tell everyone every little thing happening in your life, otherwise drama could rear its ugly head.

6. A little give, a little get.

When people are offering you help, do you find yourself always taking and giving little in return? What you put out into the world will inevitably come back to you, so make sure to always “pass it on.” Whether that means baking cookies for a friend who recently did you a favor, or getting your grandma flowers for no reason, try to always remain more on the giving end.

There are plenty of things you will learn during your college experience. Let life take its course and teach you life’s lessons! These 6 things will at least now prepare you for life after graduation.

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