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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is this weekend, which means there is still a little bit of time to pick out something nice for your dad or the father figure in your life. When it comes Father’s Day, no gift is a bad gift. It’s all about showing your appreciation.

1. Cook or Dine

No one says you have to go all out on Father’s Day. A simple burger and brew might work just fine for your dad. Grab dinner at a bar nearby or fire up the barbecue in the backyard. Consider making your own BBQ sauce to add a special taste to the burgers.

Dinner and Beer With Dad

Photo © Kath Eats Real Food

2. Concert or Sports

Spend an afternoon at a baseball game, the evening at a basketball game, or a weekend concert.

Baseball Yankee Game With Dad

Photo © NY Daily News

3. Chocolate

Hey, it’s not just for women! Pick out a tasty treat, such as truffles from a local patisserie, or order something from Harry & David’s. For a lot of dads, the way to their heart is a delicious snack.

Chocolate Bars Candy

Photo © Power Mini Malls

4. Unique Gift

Scour the net for one-of-a-kind gifts, such as this scratch map, which might inspire your dad to do some more traveling, a hypnotizing sand art mobile, or these repurposed coin guitar picks.

Repurposed Coin Guitar Picks

Photo © uncommongoods

5. Phone Case

Pick out a case from Shutterfly to customize with your photos. The photos can be of family holidays, trips, or just photos of places your dad likes.

Father's Day Customizable Photo Phone Case

Photo © Shutterfly

Whatever you end up doing to celebrate, remember to tell your dad how much you appreciate all the things he does for you!

Happy Father’s Day!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is coming! Do you know what you’re getting your mom? Now would be a good time to recall all those conversations you’ve had with her about what she likes and doesn’t like. Just in case you’re clueless, here are five affordable gift ideas any mom would be happy to receive.

1. Jewelry

All women love jewelry, but what will make your gift unique? If you can, take a look in her jewelry box, or if you see her before Mother’s Day, take note of what kind of earrings she wears. You can never go wrong with having her piece monogrammed with either her initials, the initials of you and your siblings, or just a sweet message. Personalizing is the touch that shows you put in the extra effort.

Women's Earrings Jewelry

Photo © moonrat42

2. iPhone Case

If your mom is like mine and she’s just now joining the world of iPhone users, she might be scrambling for a decent-looking iPhone case. Again, personalization is key. Look for a case with a scene of her favorite location (ex. the beach), a quote from her favorite book, or one with her initials.

Beach Shell IPhone Case

Photo © Etsy

3. Books

For the literary lover, you can never go wrong with a book or even a year’s subscription to their favorite magazine. A lot of mom’s revel in reading magazines with a lot of delicious recipes or decorating tips, such as Real Simple or Food, or magazines with beautiful photography, such as National Geographic Traveler. If your mom has converted to Kindle, why not get her a cover?

National Geographic Traveler Magazine

Photo © National Geographic

4. Dining & Cooking

Is your mom always in the kitchen whipping up delicious dinners and mouthwatering desserts? Consider adding something unique and fun to her kitchen space with a decal for her mixer, a picturesque cutting board, or printed dishtowels.

Creative Dishware

Photo © Detroit News

5. Gift Gard

Pick up a gift certificate to her favorite store, her favorite website, or a spa in town where she can be pampered one afternoon.

Walmart Gift Card

Photo © botell0

Still not sure what to get? Another good way to get a sense of what your mom likes is by checking out her Pinterest or Amazon account. What she pins or adds to her wish list is basically her telling you what she wants – so take a hint!

Good luck!

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Pinteresting DIY Gifts for the Holidays

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The holidays are well underway! I love buying gifts for everyone, but as college students, the holidays can be just as expensive as they are enjoyable. Thanks to this wonderful site called Pinterest, I have developed a list of great, easy, and cheap gifts that you can make yourself!  Be ready to get crafty!

1. Wine Bottle Crafts

If you are of age or know people who are, keep empty wine or alcohol bottles. Make a twine bottle: you would need is a glue gun, empty wine bottle, and twine from a local craft store. All you need to do is start with the end of the twine, use your glue gun to glue the end to the bottom of the bottle, and start wrapping the twine around the bottle. As you go, glue down the twine occasionally. Make sure you keep the twine tight and close together, so that you cannot see the bottle through the twine.  You can do this with ribbon too! There are a lot of possibilities with wine bottles.

DIY Twine Bottle Craft

Photo © It's Great To Be Home

2. Ornaments

You can also get super creative with ornaments. Find some plain ones and grab the glue and glitter. You can make a design on the ornament with the glue. While the glue is still wet, throw the glitter all over it and let it dry.  Make a bunch of these and you just made new decorations for a loved one’s tree! Get creative and incorporate something they love into the design!

DIY Glitter Ornament Craft

Photo © Vitamini

3. Baked Goods

Everyone loves baked goods. Check out the recipes on Pinterest for some awesome ideas! Plus, you can be that person that everyone envies for bringing the best food to the Christmas party.

Baked Holiday Christmas Cookies

Photo © wildolive

4. Scarves, Hats, and Blankets

Know how to crochet or knit? Use the skill to make an awesome scarf for everyone! Pinterest has some awesome tutorials for how-to’s that can help anyone from beginner to pro. It’s not just an easy gift, it’s a pretty fun hobby and very easy to learn.

DIY Handmade Knitted Winter Scarf

Photo © skymagenta

These are just a few examples of crafty gifts you can make and give, don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with your own! Be sure to like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter and let me know what you do for this holiday season. Take pictures and send steps! Best entry will be given the title of “Craftiest Gift Giver,” and will receive a secret prize! Let the crafting begin!

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5 Affordable Gift Ideas

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There is still time to shop for any gifts you might want to pick up for your friends and family this holiday season. If you’re on a budget this year, don’t worry – there are plenty of cool gifts to choose!

For The Tea Drinker

This yellow tea submarine is perfect not only for a Beatles fan, but also for those who crave tea. It is a fun and creative way to enjoy any cup of tea.

Yellow Tea Submarine Bag Holder

Photo © Gifts.com

For The Movie Lover

Have a friend who sees at least one or two movies a week? Get them this awesome ticket stub diary so they can remember which ones were thumbs up, and which ones were not so great.

Movie Ticket Stub Diary Collection

Photo © UncommonGoods.com

For The Wine Specialist

It’s not Monopoly, but Wine-opoly. Players “buy favorite wins, collect bunches of grapes, and trade them in for decanters.” Perfect for those Friday night dinner parties.

Wine-opoly Game Board

Photo © ToysRUs

For The Sports Buff

Choose their favorite NFL team to print on delicious chocolate m&ms. Perfect snack for when they are watching the game!

M&M NFL Customized Chocolate Candy

Photo © Mymms.com

For The Baker

Who doesn’t love owls? With these owl measuring cups, baking can be done in style and add a bit of pizzaz to the kitchen.

Cute Owl Measuring Cups for Baking

Photo © Boston Warehouse

For The Music Lover

The most influential pop albums from 1955 through 2003 are listed in 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die by Robert Dimery; it’s a must-read for any music lover.

1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die Book

Photo © Robert Dimery

For The Travel Enthusiast

This scratch off map has got to be the coolest map I’ve seen. This map can be scratched off for each place traveled! Gives a whole new meaning to wall art!

Scratch Off World Travel Map

Photo © Urban Outfitters

When it all comes down to it, no gift is a “bad” gift (unless it’s an ugly Christmas sweater), it’s all about the thought you put into it. Happy Holidays!

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Presents for Pops this Father’s Day

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photo of girl By guest blogger Serena Piper: Journalism major at the University of Oregon. Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Oregon. Magazine, freelance blogger, future world traveler. In her spare time, she likes to read as many books as she can, go for long drives, and peruse news websites. Hopes to one day write for National Geographic.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what to get your pops. A mom may be the center of a child’s life, but it’s the father who, most of the time, teaches the child how to ride a bike, coaches them in sports, and grounds them when they come home after curfew.

But just because your dad means a lot to you, that doesn’t mean he’s easy to shop for..And just because we’re students on a budget doesn’t mean we can only get dad a cheap present. Take a look at my list below for some inexpensive ideas!

1. DIY brewing kit

What man doesn’t love beer? Buy him his own beer brewing kit and keg – I guarantee it’ll taste a lot better than the store bought stuff and he’ll be able to show off his new skills to the family. If the brewing kit is a bit on the expensive side, share the cost with a sibling!

2. Dinner at home (an oldie but goodie)

Salmon, steak, beer sausage… the choices are endless! If your dad is the chef in the house, pick up the apron and tell him to take a load off. You can ask him what his favorite meal is or find a fun recipe. Either way, don’t forget dessert, using fresh summer fruit!

summer berries

Photo © vidalia_11

3. Guided fishing trip or outdoor activity

For the outdoorsy dads, there’s no shortage of things to do. Just type in “guided fishing trip” or “kayaking” and your location on Google and you’re set! Find one of many Groupon deals on guided trips that use all the best gear, and enjoy a fun bonding experience with dad on a day out on the river.

fishing boat

Photo © Jonathan Lundqvist

Of course, for some fathers, it’s about the smaller, intangible things. Jeremiah Mitchel, a father to eight children, says as he’s gotten older, it’s not about the gifts anymore.

“All I want from my children is for them to be well and be happy, and to stay in touch with me and let me know how they’re doing,” he says. “There are days when I want this or that, but there’s nothing like the feelings I have about my children’s welfare.”



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