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Back to School Checklist

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Cute curtains, sharpened pencils, and a snazzy backpack: cross your X’s and O’s!

by Guest Blogger Kelsey Bradshaw

I’m currently in a state of shock about going back to school. It’s the end of August already? Didn’t summer just start like…yesterday?!

Although I shall dearly miss my tan and my parents’ cooking, I can‘t wait to go back to school shopping. I just love buying lots of empty white notebooks, fresh pens, and let’s not forget – as many clothes as my paycheck will allow.

Clothes are the fun stuff, but you will also need the basics to get you through the term. Here are some important items to help you have a great year!

1. Furnishings. Cute sheets, matching curtains,  a rug, and kitchenware: the list goes on and on.  (Editor’s Note: You might want to invest in a nice lamp.)

by EvelynGiggles

2. A planner. Was that theology paper due on Tuesday? Is the toga party this Friday? Having a place to organize assignments and social activities is vital, or you might be show up to Theology class in a toga. No thanks.

3. School supplies. There’s nothing like heading off to class on the first day with a book bag filled with pencils (before everyone around you “borrows” yours) and fresh white sheets of notebook paper just waiting to be filled up with knowledge and doodles.

4. Books. Going to the bookstore and watching my bank account dwindle as I buy hundred-dollar textbooks that I’ll read once has always been an expensive part of my checklist. Luckily, now that I’ve discovered BookRenter, I can spend way less money for the same textbooks by renting them instead!

5. Backpack…or something to carry your textbooks and laptop in to class. Serena discovered some of the coolest backpacks out there this fall, so you have no excuse to forget your books at home.

6. A Back to School mindset. Remember that you’re actually going to school to learn, and get ready to do some studying. Check out Tiana’s tips for getting into a school state of mind. Also, prepare yourself for frat boys, ex-boyfriends, and loads of homework. On the bright side, you can look forward to being reunited with your besties, actually taking an interesting class or two, and just college in general. Best four years of our lives, anyone?

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