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Staying In Touch For The Holidays

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If you’re like me, and most college students, you can’t afford to fly everywhere to see the people you love during the holidays. The holidays are a time to share love with the people in your life that you care about, and sometimes if you’re not able to be with them, you have to be creative on how you show them you love them! Here are a few very simple ways that I have shown love and stayed in touch with family and friends during the holiday season, and you can too!

1. Christmas Cards

Websites like Vista Print, Shutterfly, etc. are cheap and allow you to design your own card. Or, just make your own! Sending cards are a fun, easy, and quick way to say hello to friends and family. My last Christmas card had a picture of me and three of my pets. On the back, I gave a brief description of how I was doing in school and how my pets were doing. This makes the people you send the card to, feel updated and loved by you!

2. Skype

Skype is one of the best ways to keep in touch with anyone, anywhere. I love it because it feels like you’re sitting across from the person you are talking to. A few years ago, I was cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner and my dad walked me through the whole thing on Skype! It made us both feel lucky to have that kind of technology. It felt like we were cooking together. Video chatting is one of the best things to do if you’re distant from your friends and family.

3. Surprise Gifts

This one may require you to save a few bucks, but it’s totally worth it for the people you love. Last year, we said we wouldn’t exchange gifts, but I sent my dad and step mom flowers and Christmas cupcakes that were delivered to the house. They felt so much love from the gesture, even though I was miles away. If you can’t afford much, then get creative! Send them a framed picture that you love of the two of you, write them a song, or whatever you’re talented at – use it as a surprise gift that will surely brighten their day!

Distance is hard all the time, but it is especially hard during the holidays. Tackle the sadness of distance and be proactive by showing the people you love how much they mean to you, no matter how far away they are!

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Staying In Touch While Abroad

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Preparing for my trip to the Republic of Georgia has come with its tradeoffs. I had to leave a familiar town, a great part-time job I’ve had for three years, and most importantly, my family and friends. It was difficult saying goodbye to people who have been my support system for so long. I have gone from seeing them every day, or at least every week, to not seeing them at all. It has made me think of creative ways to keep in touch with them so that it doesn’t seem like it has been so long that I have not seen them.

If you are preparing for your own adventure abroad or doing some traveling, here are some suggestions for staying in touch with those you love:

1. Skype

This is an obvious option for anyone using a computer. Free calls with anyone anywhere and you can see each other face to face! Another bonus, Skype is the perfect way to still have meals together – you can eat breakfast while they are eating dinner!

2. Postcards

Postcards are inexpensive enough that you can stock up on them in craft stores, airports, trinket shops in your visiting country, or you can even make them yourself! Print your photo at 4×6, turn it over and write your message, then stick on a stamp and write your friend’s address where they would normally go on a postcard and pop it in the mail!

3. Email

Since you probably won’t have phone access (unless you pay the extra fee for international service), email is the next best thing. However, if you do have coins, try the payphone at a nearby cafe. Depending on where you stay, there will most likely be a phone available.

4. Video

A lot of people like to keep a video diary which they update weekly or even monthly. This is a fun way to bring life (and reassurance) to what you’re experiencing, instead of just writing words. It will also be something great to look back on when you arrive back home and to share with your friends and family.

Keeping a journal and/or online blog of your travels will also help when you don’t have time to write each individual person. Just send one email out announcing the blog link and let everyone know it’s the best way to stay updated because of your unpredictable schedule. They will be able to leave you comments and follow your day to day adventures.

Happy travels!

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Friendly Distractions

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Friends are great and I’m glad to have them. I’m not always happy to have certain friends in my class though. There are some friends that you love to death, but make you want to run for the door sometimes. Now picture that person sitting with you every single day in class while you’re trying to be a good student! This has happened to me several times. Without losing them as a friend, I’ve figured out a few ways to get myself through it and so will you!

1. Find Out Which Classes Your Friends Are In

Find out in advance so it won’t be a shock the day of. Talk to that person about how they are in class and what they want to get out of it. This will help you figure out what you’re up against. Just take a deep breath and know it’s only one semester!

2. Distance Yourself

Make a conscious decision to not sit by a friend. There were days when I wanted to sit next to my friend so that I could talk to them about my weekend, but I knew I couldn’t. They never got offended and actually understood why. In the end, he dropped the class and I got an A. Sometimes you really do just need to sit somewhere else, and it will make all the difference.

3. Talk To Them

Don’t be passive aggressive. Don’t be aggressive, either. Just be a friend and let them know that you can’t slack off in this class. If that means not sitting by them, don’t be afraid to tell them the truth. From experience, honesty is the best policy. Your friend will appreciate you not lying to them, and you will appreciate the better grade at the end of the semester.

Like I said, friends are great. I love my friends, but I have to look after myself and make sure I’m doing everything I can to succeed. If you’re reading this and you’ve been on the other side of the equation…We love you, and we just want both of us to be better in class! This semester I have a class with my husband for the first time, let’s hope I won’t need to use my own tips on him!

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3 Tips To A Successful School Year

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Welcome back – school is now back in session! If you are like me, the idea of sitting in a classroom for hours and reading a textbook in a subject you might not give two hoots about does not sound nearly as appealing as laying in the warm sun somewhere. You might also be feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff you need to do now. As a college student in the same situation, I am drowning beneath a pile of need to do’s, and forgot to do’s.  I do have some good news; there is hope for you! With the helpful tips from this blog, you will soon be the organized envy of the slackers populating your class.

1) Make a To-Do List

It may seem as simple and common sense as breathing but if you do not currently do this, you will be surprised at the difference it makes.  You may think you can remember everything without writing it down, but do not take the risk.  Start out by listing your classes. Beneath each class list what you have to do for the next class period and what you will have to do for the class period after that. This way, you will stay on top of what needs to be done.

2) Get Ahead

College students are busy, busy, busy. That is just a simple fact.  Between classes, studying, homework, working a part time job, seeing friends, and maintaining your sanity, it is almost difficult to plan when you can breathe.  That is why it is so important to take advantage of your time when you have it.  If you have extra time, try to do some work to get ahead of the game!

3) Make Friends in Class

If you miss a day or if you did not understand something, knowing someone in the class who understands or can give you notes from what you missed can really help you out. Plus, you will have made a friend at the same time!

These are just a few tips to make your college experience as easy as possible.  Whether you are a freshman or a returning student, these tips that will make your year much more successful.

Good Luck This Year!

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3 Great Ways to Meet New People

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…And make new friends while you’re at it.

by Guest Blogger Serena Piper

Part of life is meeting new people. We encounter new people every day: in the workplace, at school, and through our friends. It can be scary at times, but being able to be yourself around strangers can lead to wonderful friendships and career opportunities. The more you practice, the easier it gets. We all know the tried and true methods of finding friends in college (study buddies, on campus parties), but here are three new approaches to finding and making friends:

by Hans Mestrum

1. Be open and accepting of other cultures, religions, and backgrounds.

Part of the comfort you find in your friends is that they’re familiar, and you have a ton in common and shared experiences. But if you learn to look outside your comfort zone, there are new and interesting people all around you. Stop by your campus international club after class one afternoon. I’m sure there are at least a few international students hoping to make a new friend in the States, and hey, you’ll learn something new about a different country in the process. Expand your borders!

by Jeffrey Kontur

2. Get off your cell phone!

I love texting just as much as the next person, but I can’t tell you how many times a day I look around campus and see people with a phone in their hand like it’s an extension of their arm. Don’t let technology replace face-to-face conversations! The next time you are leaving class, resist the urge to whip out your cell and check for new text messages. Instead, smile and make eye contact with the people around you. Body language affects how we’re perceived by others. Having your hands free shows others that you’re approachable.

3. Volunteer somewhere off campus.

Many students find themselves stuck on campus and need a break. Find an animal shelter or mentor youth in your city. Organizations are always looking for volunteers and you might be able to rack up college credit while helping out worthy causes. Also, volunteering at an organization you like is a great way to meet others interested in the same things as you.

When it comes to making new friends, don’t underestimate the power of making conversation with some random person at the bus stop. One of my good friends and I met while we were both waiting for the bus one morning. I made a simple comment about how the bus is never on time and that was enough to get us laughing about other things. People love talking about themselves, so take advantage of that. Ask them what their major is or about the tattoo on their arm.

Try a couple of these techniques and you’ll never again find yourself short of a new friend.

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