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The Senior Slump

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It’s almost April, so this school year is almost at a close. Especially for us seniors, these last couple of months can leave us feeling unmotivated and excited (and also nervous) to graduate. It’s hard to focus on college when we have been focusing on school for so long and when we know the working world is around the corner. It is easy to fall into the “Senior Slump.”

As hard as it is to remain focused, remember that you want to go out with a bang and slacking off can really have an impact on your overall grade. I am even having a hard time with this issue myself. Here are some suggestions to avoid falling into this trap.

1. Awareness

Simply being aware of this issue and whether or not you are currently at risk, can help enough for you to help resist the urge to procrastinate or become disengaged. If you are being influenced by Senioritis, then the sooner you realize it, the sooner you can fight it.

2. Remember Your Goal

Remind yourself of what your goal is. It is easy to forget when you get stuck in routine. Most of us go to college to earn a degree in a field we want to pursue a career in. Keep your goal in mind and remember it is not too far off. This will help give you the motivation you need to succeed. You are in the home-stretch and if you work hard now, it will pay off later.

3. Attitude

It’s all about perspective. No one likes homework, studying, or exams – but what we will like is earning a degree, getting a job, and making money. If you change how you look at the situation, you will feel differently about school. Your current student life style may not be ideal, but make the best of the situation and remember to enjoy what you are doing and you will start to feel better automatically.

Are you feeling the wrath of Senioritis?

How do you combat it? Tell us in a comment below!


Don’t let Senioritis get you!

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Staying Focused!

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School is back in session and it is time to get back to business! Trying to juggle homework, classes, a job, internships, and a social life, it is insane trying to get everything done! Being strapped for time like any typical college student just means that when the time finally opens up in our busy schedules, we must use it wisely and try to stay focused to the task at hand. It isn’t always easy – especially with so many distractions in our lives. Here are some tips to keep you focused:

Limit Distractions

Shut off anything that will distract you – television, cell phone, music, and social media sites. All of these things are very distracting and can end up consuming a lot of your attention for a longer period of time than expected. It’s harder to get distracted when you don’t have many things to distract you.

Set Small Goals

Always have your goals set at the beginning. The smaller the goal is, the easier it will be to accomplish. Having big tasks to complete can be discouraging, overwhelming, and definitely create a distraction from the worry of completing such a big task! At the least – trick yourself into thinking the task is small by creating several steps to complete for it, and as each step is completed you will feel relieved and ready to take on the next thing!

Find Your Space

Being in the right setting is one of the most important factors to staying focused. Find the right environment in which you feel comfortable to get stuff done, but also one in which there are not many distractions around.


Figure out which goals are more important to accomplish than others. If you get the most important ones done first, the biggest stress will be lifted from you and you will now be able to complete other goals in a more relaxed state.

Take Breaks

If you take frequent small breaks, then you will feel re-energized and well less likely feel an urge to be distracted. If you do end up getting distracted, you can convince yourself to hold out until your break. When your time for a break does come, think of it as a reward to yourself for your hard work! Just don’t prolong the break longer than it should be.


Hope this helps! Now go get focused!

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