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Acing the First Day of School

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Say goodbye to those first day jitters

by Guest Blogger Kelsey Bradshaw

The first day of school is one of the best days of the entire school year. You get to catch up with friends, and most of the actual school part is just going over the syllabus.

However, this day carries a lot of responsibility along with its festivities. It’s the day for you to make a great first impression on potential new friends and even teachers. So how do you prepare for this day of total and complete judgment from everyone you meet? No pressure…

Between enjoying the last of summer and getting your beauty sleep, check online to see if any of your professors have posted a syllabus yet. It’s always a good idea to read over them ahead of time to get a general idea of what the class is going to be like, or to see if you have any assignments or need special materials on the first day of class. Once you have your reading list, get shopping! The week classes start, the bookstores will be overflowing with stressed-out students scrambling to get their book shopping done at the last minute. Don’t be one of them – shop and rent your textbooks ASAP!

by MyTudut

Now that you’ve read your syllabus and rented your books, it’s time to buy the basic school supplies like pencils, pens, and notebooks. Pack these in your bag the night before to avoid them being forgotten in the morning. One time, I was so worried about what I was going to wear that I completely spaced bringing any form of writing utensil to class–which wouldn’t have been so bad, except it was to a writing class. Oops.

Once you actually make it to class, sit by people that look friendly and strike up a conversation before class begins (because you’re early like a good student, right?!). Even if you’re not nearly caffeinated enough to deal with being back at school again, just fake your confidence until it’s real. Smile lots, act like you’re everybody’s best friend, and be a model student who totallllly didn’t forget to do the summer reading. And don’t forget to raise your hand at least once, especially in huge lecture hall classes, so you’ll be more memorable and stick out a little from the masses.

Last of all, remember that it’s only the first day, and while first impressions are important, they’re not permanent. You’ll have the rest of the semester to hit it off with your new classmates, so just relax and enjoy being back at school.

Good luck on your first day!

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