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New Year’s Resolutions – Why?

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By BookRenter Andy

New Year’s is over, so it’s high time you decided on your New Year’s Resolutions and wrote them down/printed them out. Don’t think you can get away with just thinking about them, no one can do that. Not even Tikiman (aka “The Man”).

by Phillie Casablanca

by Phillie Casablanca

First, General Complaints about NYR’s:

  • New Year’s resolutions are personal goals. So why make them on Jan 1? Is your birthday on Jan 1? NO! (If it is, we’ll send you a birthday t-shirt).
  • It would make more sense to make a New Years Resolution on your birthday, when it’s actually a new year for you. On your birthday, you are entering into a new year of your life. On Jan. 1, you are probably the most hungover you’ve ever been in your life, and you’re probably still the same age in years you were on Dec. 31.

Still, there’s no defying tradition in America, so you have to make NYR’s. I asked The Man what his were. He sent a spear flying my way with some NYR’s on it:

  • Save students tons of dough by renting their textbooks. (Check out our new coupon tab)
  • Donate even more books, this year through our partnership with First Book, to put new books in the hands of children.
  • Get some shoes (?)

Mine are a bit more traditional. What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Comment on our blog and be entered in to win one of our weekly coffee giveaways. Each winner will receive a $10 gift card, to one of the following: Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or TBD.  Winners will be chosen at random and announced each Wednesday.

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Spreading the Words

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By BookRenter Andy

If you haven’t seen our Facebook page recently, you might not know about our current “season of sharing” campaign: Spread the Words. In an effort to donate more books than usual (we love donating books), we’ve created some e-cards for you to send around to your friends and family.

Every time you share a Holiday eCard with your friends, BookRenter will make a donation to First Book, providing brand new books to children at KIPP Comienza Community Prep.

Spreading the Words eCard

Illustrations © 1997 by J. otto Seibold from Olive, the Other Reindeer published by Chronicle Books www.chroniclebooks.com.

My personal favorite e-card features Olive the Reindeer, the official mascot of our campaign, being towed through air by Santa’s reindeer. People seem to forget that most reindeer, Olive included, are flightless, and can’t share in the magic that Prancer, Dancer, and their homeboys/homegirls share. I believe this card sums up the holiday spirit in a nutshell. Showing true benevolence and care, Reindeer #3 is sharing his greatest gift, the gift of flight, with Olive. Granted, the knot he used to tie up Olive looks a bit sketchy, and I’m not sure any mountaineer (or Santa, for that matter) would approve, but it’s the thought that counts.

A big thank you to Chronicle Books for generously allowing us to use artwork from their beloved book Olive the other Reindeer.

So which one is your favorite e-card? Please share. Now give Olive the gift of flight and send him around the Internet!

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BookRenter Visits Local School

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Capri Elementary School

The BookRenter Team took a mini-excursion to Capri Elementary School in Campbell, California to spend some time talking about the importance of education and going to college.  Hopefully, the kids had as much fun as we did.

It’s been forever since I had to sign in at the front desk of a school and slap on a name tag. Armed with a box of goodies and fun facts about both what we do at BookRenter and higher education we crossed the playground and headed into our first class.

We began with simple introductions and gave a short overview of what each of us do in our roles at BookRenter. We talked a bit about why renting your books just makes sense – kind of like going to the library.  We explained how BookRenter donates to First Book for every rental, putting books in the hands of kids just like them.

Finally we opened up the floor for questions (in preparation for our visit the kids had written questions on sticky notes). Here are some of the highlights:

-What do you do at BookRenter?

-Why are textbooks so expensive?

-How many hours do you work?

-How many years do you have to go to school to be a doctor?

-Do you have books about dress making?

-Does BookRenter have any books over 1,000 pages?

During our Q&A time Rebecca’s phone (our community manager) began ringing. She quickly turned it off and put it back in her pocket.  One of the boys in the class raised his hand and asked, “Are we that important to you that you would hang up on a call like that?” Rebecca responded, “YES” (of course).

Another boy in the class announced that his dad’s phone was way cooler than Rebecca’s phone. His dad has an iPhone 4 and works for Apple. This same young man had one of our favorite comments of the day. We had asked how many of the kids wanted to go to college. His response: “I don’t want to go to college I plan on working in a fast food place or a coffee shop.” Something tells me that he will change his mind when he realizes how much an iPhone 4 costs.

Many of the kids had general questions about college, so it was exciting to see that they were enthusiastic about the process and that BookRenter could help enlighten them. But I think each student’s favorite part was receiving a cute fuzzy BookRenter bookmark!

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