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Adjusting Your Wardrobe For Fall Fashion

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The leaves are falling, the weather is cooler, and people are wearing leggings as pants once more. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto, we’ve officially arrived in Fall. Fall is my favorite time of year – from pumpkin spice lattes (heaven in a cup), to perfect weather, and to rock my new school clothes. But if you’re like me, even though the temperature’s dropping, you’re probably not ready to put away the crop tops you wore all summer. Not to fear! Here’s how to mix your summer wardrobe into your fall wardrobe so you don’t have to grieve the passing of your daisy dukes just yet.

1. Mix, Don’t Match

While the weather cools down, only one half of your body should be uncovered at a time. Not only will you freeze if you wear a tank top and shorts when it’s 50 degrees outside, but there’s something about the fall that makes showing off obscene amounts of skin just not quite as classy as it did in the summer. Therefore, tank tops and t-shirts should be worn with pants. Bonus points if they’re colored pants, which instantly will put your outfit in cute territory. Wearing long sleeves on top totally justifies wearing itty bitty summer bottoms. Oversize sweaters look great with a skirt and flats. Flannels and shorts make for a unbeatable casual (and comfy) look. Avoid wearing knee-high boots (especially leather ones) with shorts. This will rarely look good since they make your legs look shorter than they really are.

2. Cardigans

Make cardigans your best friend. Cardigans are great for transitioning through those awkward days where it’s just chilly enough to add on the layers, but too hot for full-on sweaters. Also, if you have a crop top that just needs to be worn, wearing high-waisted bottoms and a cardigan keeps it classy.

3. Sneakers

Wearing sneakers instead of sandals keeps your toes warm and is a great excuse to show off your new Tom’s. Scarves are another Fall accessory which will add hotness (in both the sexy and temperature kind of way) to your outfit.

But the most important thing to remember is this: as long as you’re confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll look fantastic. So go put on a scarf, enjoy a pumpkin latte, and enjoy the fall weather you’re ready to dress for.


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Fall Semester Daycation Ideas

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Yes, it’s only the beginning of October, but I’m sure students are already counting down until the end of the semester. I want to share with all of you impatient students some fun Fall daycations that you can take during this semester to make the school days fly by. Taking little breaks to get away won’t have you yearning for winter break so much.

1. Visit A Farm

Drive off campus for the day and go to a farm. Especially for those who live in the city, this can be extremely fun! Go pumpkin picking, drink some apple cider, or go for a hayride. It’ll feel like you went on a vacation to a completely different place even though it’s only an hour outside of the city! A lot of farms have haunted houses and mazes in October!

2. Go To An Amusement Park

In the Autumn months, amusement parks such as Six Flags and Hershey Park turn the entire park into a haunted experience. We may be too old for trick-or-treating but this is the perfect type of excitement college students need. Plus it is a lot cooler, so you don’t have to sweat the entire day!

3. Football Parties

Football season can be a lot of fun, even if you’re not a die-hard football fan! A lot of people throw football parties so get in on that and have some fun. Or throw a party yourself.

4. Enjoy The Foliage

Fall is the perfect season to enjoy being outdoors. The fall foliage is a beautiful thing to experience and the weather is a lot cooler. Go for a hike or a walk outside. If you’re not much of a hiker or a walker, the fall colors can also make a romantic atmosphere; so grab some food and take your date on a picnic.

5. Camping

Although most people think camping is a summertime activity, it doesn’t have to be. It can be a little chilly in the mountains this time of year, but it just means you can sit in front of the fire and cuddle under the blankets. Also, because of the cooler weather, there are LESS BUGS!

Who says you can’t have fun just because Summer is over? That’s 5 things you can do to have fun and speed up the Fall semester. Space these activities out and before you know it, it will be December!

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5 Fall Fashion Trends for Men and Women

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One of the best things about a new school year is the back to school shopping! We get to reinvent ourselves and try new styles. When trying new trends, don’t stray too far from your comfort zone. Incorporate the new pieces with your signature style.

Try one of these fall fashion trends:

For The Ladies

1. Form-Fitting Jackets accentuate your figure and look professional both in the classroom and on the job. Look for one with a little embellishment and wear it with another fall trend (a cloche hat or a fedora).

2. High-Waisted Pants follow us from summer into fall. Wear them in pinstripes or a neutral color. How high can you go?

3. Wool wraps will keep you cozy and stylish as the colder weather moves in. Look for warm tones, like burnt red, brown, and orange.

4. Plaid used to be seen only on the farm, but it’s now recognized as a go-to fall pattern. Shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets… it will be easy to incorporate this piece into your wardrobe.

5. Ripped denim and colored jeans are another summer staple. The neon and pastel colors from spring turn into autumn’s warm tones. Denim pairs well with anything; wear your colored jeans with a graphic tee, a white polo, or a crisp blazer.

For The Guys

1. A Tie makes you look put together and professional, and also comfortable and casual.

2. Plaid doesn’t just work for the ladies this fall, it’s working for men too. Pair it with a tie for a bold, patterned look.

3. Lightweight Leather Jackets will keep you warm and make you look sharp whether you’re on your way to class, or out on the town Friday night. Also try a military style jacket.

4. Fitted Suits are a smart way to get your boss to take you more seriously and to look professional at any job or internship interviews you may have. Try one in a midnight blue or another neutral color.

5. Scarves, Tweed, and Hats, oh my! Work the plaid into your scarf, the tweed into a fitted jacket, and pair it with some jeans and you’ve got an outfit! When picking out a hat, try the versatile fedora or cowboy.


What will you be wearing this fall season? 

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Unexpected College Essentials

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There are certain neccesities that should be on your back to school shopping list that may not be there. And I don’t mean the big things like laptops, textbooks or a bag. These are the types of items that you don’t know you need until you’ve experienced the downfall of not having them. Like sitting in class with soggy socks, realizing you didn’t do that day’s assignment because you forgot and you can’t focus on what the professor is saying because on top of all that, you’re starving and can think of nothing else but a big juicy cheeseburger.

Three little inexpensive items can save you from all that:

Rain Boots

This may be the MOST helpful item you purchase in your ENTIRE college career! It may not seem so now, but when you have to travel to school or your campus is very large and you have to walk to class in the pouring rain you’ll be remembering my words: BUY RAIN BOOTS! Having soaked feet and socks is already bad, but having to stay on campus all day long with those soggy things is the most distracting and uncomfortable thing EVER!


One thing college students forget to do is EAT! Mom’s not there to cook your meals and make sure you’ve had a hearty breakfast so it’s really important for YOU to remember, Snacks are a great help. Just carry around some cookies, a sandwich, some veggies, anything that you like to snack on; every day! Hunger will surely distract you from your lesson, ESPECIALLY a boring one! Plus, it’s super embarrasing when your stomach starts to grumble REALLY LOUD and everyone stares at you!


Although you may think you’ll remember everything, YOU WON’T! Carry around a daily planner to jot down anything that’s important. Whether it be due dates for papers, readings for that day, an appointment with your advisor or making a note to call Mom that day, WRITE IT DOWN! You’d be suprised how quickly and easily you can forget things. This way, just check your planner every night and make sure you did everything you had to do that day.    Though they may seem simple and obvious, a lot of people don’t realize they need these things. Don’t wait until you actually NEED them, have them ahead of time to save yourself!

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Back-to-School Shopping

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In which your inner fashionista learns to rock her wardrobe with savvy combos, pops of color, and oh yes, major attitude.

by Guest Blogger Kelsey Bradshaw / all collages made by Kelsey

In the middle of the summer, with pool parties every night and flip-flop tan lines growing more distinct by the day, the coming of school in the fall seems like a long way off. But with each sun-drenched day, the beginning of the school year creeps closer and closer. Even though this means that dealing with homework and overeager frat boys is also edging closer, there’s one thing I’m super-excited about: back-to-school shopping. The stores in the mall fill up with new clothes, sales start popping up, I realize how much I miss wearing sweaters – it almost makes up for the fact that you have to wear these new clothes to, you know, class. Plus, everyone needs an excuse for a new pair of shoes.

If, like me, you’re feeling kind of bummed about summer’s end and going back to class, there’s no better remedy than a little back-to-campus retail therapy. And if you’ll follow a few simple steps, you can shop your way straight to the head of the class.

Step 1: Buy things that you like and that express your personality. You can’t go wrong if you stick with what you know works for you. Instead of stocking up on [ever-changing, quick-passing] trends, though, pay attention to the classics, too. You’ll be able to wear your new clothes for years to come, not just for a season. Casual or classic, change things up by adding new accessories to old outfits.

Casual Back to School

Step 2: Mix it up with creative, edgy fashion combos. If your inner fashionista just won’t quit with her demands for something that really rocks, there are lots of ways to have fun with trends this fall. The good news: This year the most popular trends include pieces that are easy to mix with clothes already in your closet to create classic, more timeless looks.

First, try wearing a monochromatic outfit, or wearing one color all the way down. This can range from wearing different shades of bright yellow from head to toe to layering tank tops from the same color family. This trend is an easy one to shop for, since you probably already have different shades of one color in your closet. Keep an eye out for clothes and accessories in colors or patterns that complement what you already have in your closet, or grab a new spectrum of color to layer and have fun with.


Step 3: Master the art of the monochromatic – with a pop of color, of course. Take a neutral, monochromatic outfit and infuse a pop of neon. In fact, the outfit doesn’t even have to be monochromatic, as long as the neutrals don’t overpower the neon. Wearing this look calls for some major attitude, but no problem there, right?

Neon and Neutral

Step 4: Get back to the future. To make sure you get an ‘A’ in back-to-school fashion, invest in some high-waisted shorts. Whether you go for the vintage, 70’s I-just-stole-these-out-of-my-mom’s-closet look or the more preppy style, they’re sure to earn you major fashion points.

High-Waisted Shorts

Remember, as cute and fashion-forward as you’ll look wearing your new duds, be sure to make them your own and let your natural fabulous style shine through. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll look fantastic no matter what.

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