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Outdoor Activities

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The summer months are my favorite reprieve from the constant demands of school year life. I get to work an easy job, wake up late if I want, and stay up even later. It doesn’t matter if its Tuesday or Saturday, the expensive college textbooks aren’t on my desk and there is a bathing suit drying in my bathroom. With school out of session, it is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the weather!

Living in a decent sized city easily keeps me outside in the forest or by the river for at least 12 hours a day. Here are some great outdoor activity ideas that you can put to use this summer!

Visit a Lake / River

Enjoy a sunny day by a lake or river. Lakes and rivers usually are more secluded and allow for a more intimate setting with friends. Consider the option to rent a speedboat, canoe, or kayak when you go. There is a lot more to do by the water than just swim!

Go for a Hike / Walk

Going for a hike or walk is always a fun way to get exercise and enjoy the beautiful weather. It can also be a fun daytime precursor to a BBQ with friends that can make relaxing at the BBQ that much better.

Picnic & Park Day

Bigger cities offer parks with picnic tables and grills for people to meet up for a summer picnic or party. This is a great idea if you need a big area for a gathering.

Outdoor Entertainment

Some towns offer free entertainment, like plays and concerts. Food stands from local restaurants and breweries may even be present that can help people stay energized for summer night dancing. Most city websites offer information on events like this, so go take a look at what your city has to offer!

Fairs and Rodeos

Fairs and rodeos are always a really fun way to let loose with friends. The bull riding is great entertainment and its hard to pass up on elephant ears and cotton candy.

Happy Playing!

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