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Happy Hanukkah

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Mehorah by Dominic's pics

In celebration of Hanukkah we had a friendly dreidel battle and partook in a traditional Hanukkah treat -doughnuts.

Dreidel playing is a fun Hanukkah tradition using a spinning top. We decided to play our own version- where we timed player’s spin and the longest spins won yummy chocolate coins (Hanukkah gelt).

The traditional way to play dreidel -you will need a dreidel and some coins (but you can use anything; buttons, pretzels, or other small easily counted items).  All players begin by placing equal amounts into the “pot.”  Than each person takes a turn spinning the dreidel.

If it lands on:

Dreidel By Staccabees

Nun- get nothing

Gimmel- take the whole pot.

Hay- take half the pot.

Shin- pay two into the pot.

For more fun Hanukkah facts and fun check out the links below:

Wikipedia has a ton of information.

Major League Dreidel Tournament: The Last Night Of Hanukkah Done Right

Leave a comment on this post and be entered in to win a fun Hannukkah surprise. Winner will be announced at sun down. (Ok, the surprise is a BookRenter water bottle. hee hee)

Happy Hanukkah!

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