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The Do’s & Don’ts Chatting It Up

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By BookRenter Briana

By aaronisnotcool

In my experience of chatting it up with the opposite sex I have noticed certain do’s and don’ts, that you should consider the next time you see a “potential” at a bar or a party.  I know there are plenty I‘m missing so please feel free to add to the list so we can help some of those who are challenged in this area.


Don’t Be Aggressive – There is a difference between being confident and being aggressive. Try being confident but also remember that it’s not all about you.  Make sure you listen as much or more than you talk. (Especially about yourself.)

Don’t Wear Too Much Perfume/Cologne – You’re obviously going to be close to someone when you’re trying to work your magic but don’t pound on the fragrance.  Stick to the basics like deodorant and gum.

Don’t Use Your Hands Without Permission – Even cheesy pick up lines are better than a slap on the cheeks. Not cool buddy, and highly inappropriate!


Do Let the Compliments Flowing – Everyone likes to be complimented, and if you don’t your lying. But be casual about it; don’t go overboard with sappy stuff.

Do Play Hard to Get – If you’re talking to someone try and leave and come back. This gives that person the idea that you are not needy, but you’re still interested to come back and spark up another conversation.  No one likes a stage 5 clinger. This doesn’t mean leave mid conversation – that’s just rude.

Do Have a Wingman/woman – Make sure you have a distress code that you two will remember. I give me friends the wide eye. 🙂

Be Smart – If you are looking to meet someone special keep the drinks to a minimum.

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