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Spreading the Words

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By BookRenter Andy

If you haven’t seen our Facebook page recently, you might not know about our current “season of sharing” campaign: Spread the Words. In an effort to donate more books than usual (we love donating books), we’ve created some e-cards for you to send around to your friends and family.

Every time you share a Holiday eCard with your friends, BookRenter will make a donation to First Book, providing brand new books to children at KIPP Comienza Community Prep.

Spreading the Words eCard

Illustrations © 1997 by J. otto Seibold from Olive, the Other Reindeer published by Chronicle Books www.chroniclebooks.com.

My personal favorite e-card features Olive the Reindeer, the official mascot of our campaign, being towed through air by Santa’s reindeer. People seem to forget that most reindeer, Olive included, are flightless, and can’t share in the magic that Prancer, Dancer, and their homeboys/homegirls share. I believe this card sums up the holiday spirit in a nutshell. Showing true benevolence and care, Reindeer #3 is sharing his greatest gift, the gift of flight, with Olive. Granted, the knot he used to tie up Olive looks a bit sketchy, and I’m not sure any mountaineer (or Santa, for that matter) would approve, but it’s the thought that counts.

A big thank you to Chronicle Books for generously allowing us to use artwork from their beloved book Olive the other Reindeer.

So which one is your favorite e-card? Please share. Now give Olive the gift of flight and send him around the Internet!

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Mike’s Top 3 Tips To Maximize Thanksgiving Break on the Cheap

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By BookRenter Mike

By floodllama

The pilgrimage back home for Thanksgiving Break is one of my favorite times of the year. Since, I go to school so far away from home, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and see my family! That being said, I want to have as much fun as I can this week without spending a ton of money. Check out my top 3 favorite ways to enjoy Thanksgiving break without having to spend any money!

1) Enjoy a delicious home-cooked dinner at home with Family

My fraternity house has a meal plan that enables me to enjoy lunch and dinner four nights at week at a very low cost. Unfortunately, the meal plan food is less than satisfying. One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving break is enjoying my mom’s home cooking. A family dinner always offers good laughs, plus it’ll help you rejuvenate for the upcoming finals push.

2) Attend a local event such as an High School athletic competition or Performing Arts Event

Often times these events will free or offered at very little cost to your wallet. These events will help you catch up with old friends and help you rediscover what makes home so special. Plus, there’s nothing better than watching your alma mater beat up on your local rival on the way to the state championship!

3) Give back to the community by helping out at a local food bank or soup kitchen

A lot of people say that their favorite part about Thanksgiving is the leftovers and for good reason, they are absolutely delicious! However, instead of enjoying them of Friday, why don’t you drive them over to the local food bank and drop them off to those in need? Better yet, helping out for a few hours at a soup kitchen will make you feel good and maybe help you work off some of the calories you accumulated from your Thanksgiving feast!

Since Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks, let your wallet have the opportunity to give you thanks my doing things that won’t cost you much money. What activities do you like to do when you go home that don’t cost much money?

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Helping Locals in Need

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Written by Rebecca W, staff contributing writer

Every morning I wake up listening to the local news- and honestly I barely pay attention to anything other than the traffic report.  Today was different. As some of you may know last night a gas main exploded in San Bruno, Ca.

Four deaths, dozens were injured by this explosion and resulting fire. 38 houses have been destroyed; far more are damaged, along with acres of land and these numbers are only going to go up.  As the words were spoken on the radio all I could think was “How can I help?”  The radio announcer explained that they were looking for gently used children’s clothing along with other items.  We had just cleaned out our children’s closets washed and folded the cloths for donation; a huge bag of clothing was just sitting in our garage.   My husband and I packed up the car with boxes of new children’s books, big bag of gently used cloths and drove up to San Bruno.

The explosion was only a city over from our office here at BookRenter.  Sitting in my cozy chair staring at my screen my mind kept wandering to the families that are now homeless and in need.  So we decided as a company we needed to help.  BookRenter will be donating $1,000 to the City of San Bruno Glenview Fire Victims Fund, along with $100 worth of diapers and formula.

If you too would like to donate;

Donations can be sent to the City of San Bruno Glenview Fire Victims Fund;

City of San Bruno
Glenview Fire Victims Fund
attn: City Manager
567 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA 94066

People wishing to donate items in person are asked to take them to the First Tongan United Methodist Church, located at 560 El Camino Real in San Bruno.

Blood Centers of the Pacific has launched an emergency appeal for Type-O negative blood. People who want to donate are asked to call 888-393-GIVE or visit http://bloodcenters.org.

The Bay Area Red Cross is also asking for blood donations as well as donations of money.  For more information visits www.bayarea-redcross.org.

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