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Donating Clothing for RAK Week

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By BookRenter Briana

Clothing for Donation

That’s right, I’m doing my share of random acts of kindness. Not only did I refrain from flipping off the girl who cut me off this morning when it was pouring rain [ed: Sorry BookRenter Briana, we’re not counting that], but I also spent last night going through my closet to collect clothes for donation. I figure if you haven’t worn something in an entire year, get rid of it and give it to people who actually need it!

According to Every Monday Matters, 20 billion pounds of clothing a year are wasted and thrown away. Hello, that’s 68 pounds per person (a large child’s worth of clothing).

Seriously, it’s not that hard to take your old clothes to your local Salvation Army or church, and it’s a great RAK! There’s a ton of organizations that will gladly take your unwanted clothes. I give my closet a good cleaning every year and do it.

What RAK’s have you done?

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