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Top 5 Tips for Surviving Black Friday

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By BookRenter Briana

by robholland

Black Friday… everyone looks forward to the sales, but dread the crowds. It can be a very hectic day if you aren’t prepared, so I have prepared a list of  tips so you can go out their with a little less stress.

1.      Do your research: Make sure you know what you want to buy and have a list prepared. Going into stores unprepared is like a war zone! Make sure you have your ads ready and organized. Check out bfreedom.com for a round up of all the sales and deals for your Black Friday shopping all in one place.

2.      Compare prices : check out sites like Price Grabber that can compare prices on certain products and tell you where the better deal is.

3.      Rest up and go prepared: After your Thanksgiving festivities head straight to bed. Hey,  if you are planning on hitting the stores at 3am you will need those extra zzz’s. Don’t forget to bring snacks and a water bottle. You don’t want low blood sugar and dehydration to add to the insanity.

4.      Divide and conquer & practice the buddy system. Bring family and friends with you ‘cuz its more fun and can be super helpful.  Plan your attack- have one person hold your spot in line while the others go grab the goodies.

5.      Stay home and shop on-line! – Online websites have caught onto Black Friday and have offered the public great deals right at your figure tips.

Don’t forget about Cyber Monday!

Hopefully you have gained a few tips on how to cope with shopping on Black Friday. It’s crazy out there so be prepared and try and have fun!

What do you do to prepare for black Friday?

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