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Tinder: Dating App Review

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Described as the modern “Hot-or-Not” and quite possibly the most superficial dating app available, Tinder has made a splash in college life. I recently decided to give this app a try.

1. How It Works

Everyone who downloads the free app has to have a Facebook account. The app pulls a few photos from your Facebook profile and you fill in your own mini-biography. You control who shows up in your “matches” by setting a geographical range and you can get an idea of who they are based on their photos and biography. You can even see which mutual friends and interests you have in common. Swipe their photo left if you aren’t interested, or swipe it right if you are. If they “like” you back, you’ll both receive a notification. From there, one of you can initiate a conversation. The nice thing is that the only way someone knows you’ve liked them is if they have liked you back.

2. My Experience

Most matches in my feed have been frat guys with most of their photos being shirtless and/or with other women. I’ve met some guys capable of great conversation and some not so much; some that are interested in long-term relationships and some clearly looking for casual fun. Fortunately, those people only looking for “hookups” or “fun” usually mention it in their biography, but sometimes you have to find out the hard way, after conversation connection has been made. Although, some good ones are out there!

3. My Recommendation

No matter if you are seeking new friends, a possible date, or just some fun – check out Tinder. Even if you don’t meet “The One,” chances are still pretty good you’ll have some good stories to tell your friends instead.

Have you used Tinder? What about other dating apps? What has your experience been like?

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How to Meet People When You Want to Start Dating

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These days more people are turning to sites like match.com and OkCupid for their dating lives. It’s easy to see why, too. In a time when asking Google is quicker and easier, using the internet is very tempting. It’s a quick way to get what you want without a lot of work, and college students are all about shortcuts.

While I respect how each person goes about their personal business, I can’t help but feel that there is one thing we shouldn’t use the internet for: dating. Yes, dating websites have their own success rates, but why pay a monthly fee when you can use your local coffee shop or library for a cheaper rate? Instead of looking to the internet for your next relationship, try one of these five places first.

1) Coffee Shop

See a cutie waiting for their drink? As a conversation starter, ask them what they ordered. What drinks do they recommend? Striking up a conversation can be intimidating, but after the first question, it’s a breeze.

2) Beach

Whether you’re combing the beach for seashells with a friend, or enjoying a book solo, don’t be afraid to say hi to anyone walking by. If they seem interested in keeping the conversation going, ask them if they live around there.

3) Traveling

Get lost while sight-seeing? Ask a handsome stranger for directions and some suggestions for places to check out.

4) Friend of a Friend

This is a great way to meet new people because who knows you better than those you hang out with? Ask your friends to set you up with someone. You can all go on a double date, although it doesn’t even have to be a date, it can just be a “hey you two have this in common, you should meet” hang out session.

5) Shopping

Say you’re in the toy aisle shopping for your nephew and you see a guy/girl checking out the same toys. Ask if they recommend a certain game, who they’ve played it with, etc.

You never know where conversations will lead. Asking people questions about something they seem interested in is a good way to break the ice and, hey, it beats shelling out $20/month for a profile on a dating website. Go give it a try!

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3 Dating Don’ts

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I don’t know about you, but I thought the dating games stopped after you graduated from high school. Apparently not, though, as it seems like all the guys I’ve dated during my college years have been serial game players.

Media and magazines tell us that the way to keep a guy or girl hooked is to play games. Did he wait 10 minutes to text you back? Now you should take 20. Did she come to that Friday night party with another guy? You should take another girl to the next one. In high school it was fun – it kept things exciting and thrilling. Now not only is it inconvenient, it’s downright confusing and stupid. Why play games with the person you’re attracted to? If you both really want it to work out, there are a few things you shouldn’t do to make dating a breeze.

1. You’re So Vague.

When texting quit being vague. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and nothing else. Being coy can be fun at times, but it also takes twice as long to get anywhere in a conversation. Just say everything flat out and bluntly.

2. No Fake Texts.

Writing texts like, “I’m so excited for tomorrow! I can’t wait to see you!” and sending it to the person you like and pretending you sent it to the wrong person to make them think you’re busy and have other interested suitors. The problem with this is it could go one of two ways: either you’re successful and they reply and they ask you who you meant that text for and what your plans are, or they really do believe you’re interested in someone else and give up wooing you entirely. Do you really want to take that gamble?

3. Don’t Be Jealous.

Despite the numerous advice columns with step-by-step advice on how to make your ex or current crush jealous, purposeful jealousy is never a good idea. It only leads to more drama and more problems.

My best relationship advice? Keep it simple. If you want someone to know something, tell them; don’t drop hints and hope they’ll get what you’re trying to say. Take the mature route because, well – games are for sports, not for personal relationships.

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Guide to Summer Romance on a Budget – BookRenter Infographic

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In summer, the world is a college student’s proverbial oyster. You can go anywhere, see anything, and meet anyone. It probably helps that summer is oyster season, too. BBQ’ed oysters, YUMMM.

Food cravings aside, we created a guide summer romances, along with some interesting stats on meeting that special someone who will make your heart flutter. Keep these tips in mind to keep a new romance afloat, or it may fizzle (unless that’s what you were going for – which is OK, too). Good luck in the love department!

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Can You Find True Love in College?

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By guest blogger Serena Piper
Journalism major at the University of Oregon. Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Oregon. Magazine, freelance blogger, future world traveler. In her spare time, she likes to read as many books as she can, go for long drives, and peruse news websites. Hopes to one day write for National Geographic.

I didn’t realize I had so much experience dating until recently, when I was talking to my grandmother about the boys in my life. She married when she was 21 and had kids right after so she was never really able to “date around,” as is the norm today. She helped me realize an important life lesson in the aftermath of a series of unfortunate flings with boys: I don’t have to be in a relationship just because everyone else is.

Whoever said school is a place for learning wasn’t entirely wrong, but they neglected to mention that when you have some eye candy in that chemistry class, you’re much more motivated to show up every day. Should college be your go-to locale for flirting or could it really be the place to find your love?

David Coleman says college is just a “four-year experiment.” Coleman is a real life Hitch (think Will Smith movie) and has made it his career to travel to hundreds of universities giving dating advice to students. He says college is “too artificial a situation to have a relationship.” Could he be right?

David Coleman, a real-life "Hitch" -- by Oregon Commentator

“You’re going to throw a bunch of 18- to 22-year-olds into a place where they can hang 24-7, 365, with no parents around, have all that freedom, all that alcohol, and access to each others’ heart, mind, body and soul … when really they’re going to graduate, they have no idea what they’re going to do, or even where they’re going to move or go to school,” Coleman says.

Coleman makes a good point. It’s no wonder there are so many negative dating experiences in college. The bottom line is there is so much pressure from society to have a relationship that when it’s over, it feels like the end of the world. A lot of my friends (and I know I’ve done this too) have put so much of themselves into a relationship thinking that their boyfriend or girlfriend is “the one,” only to have it not work out. They’re left alone and feeling hopeless. With this kind of pattern, college students are especially vulnerable to setting themselves up for disappointment.

It’s hard for me to remember that there’s nothing wrong with me if I’m not in a relationship or constantly looking for one. It is incredibly fun flirting and having the possibility of a relationship present itself, but it’s also refreshing not having the distraction.

If you’re in the midst of pursuing a relationship, try not to take it too seriously at first. Ease into it and embrace the simplicity of not rushing. The best “dates” I’ve been on with a guy were ones where we did a lot of talking. Who says that you have to do dinner and a movie the first time you two hang out? Try going for a walk in the park at midnight; you’ll have the swings all to yourselves. Go for a drink and play some pool. Let him teach you how to sink your ball into that corner pocket (even if you already know how).

Remember that it’s not the end of the world if you’re not in a relationship when it seems like all of your friends are. There’s no rule that says you must find a boyfriend or girlfriend as soon as you begin college so do your own thing on your own terms.

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