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The Reality of Making Education More Affordable

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By VP of Business Development and Founder Colin Barceloux
Colin has a BS in Management Information Systems and a Minor in Information Technology from Santa Clara University where he graduated with Honors in 2003. Colin resides in San Francisco and is an avid snowboarder, basketball enthusiast, mountain biker, and golfer.

Hi, everyone! Just popping into the blog because I wanted to share a chance encounter I had with one of our customers. Last week after work, as I was going to the gym, I was stopped by the front desk worker who noticed my BookRenter.com polo shirt.

She asked if I worked at BookRenter, and I said I did. Immediately she practically hugged me and said how much she loved our company, and if it was not for BookRenter, she would have had to drop out of San Francisco State. She said that recently they raised tuition, and the money she saved renting books went to pay for the cost increase. She was the type of student who I could tell was working a couple of side jobs to pay for school, and using BookRenter had lifted such a tremendous burden on her life. I thanked for her business as she was tearing up.

We push ourselves every day to make a difference in students’ lives and to make education more affordable. The $60 million we have saved students so far is not just a number on our website, but also a reflection of the positive impact we are making on society.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you. If you have a story you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it in the comments.

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